November 25, 2011

Duck Friday


  1. Certainly one for ducks here in Sydney.

  2. Rooted! Just like Gillard will be for putting the Slipper in.

    Which reminds me of a joke..

    A rich man and a poor man are talking about what they gave their wives for Valentine's Day.

    The rich man says "I got my wife a Mercedes and a 3 CRT. diamond ring."

    The poor man says "Why did you get her both?"

    "Because if she doesn't like one she always has the other...what did you get your wife?"

    The poor man replies, "I got her slippers and a dildo."

    The rich man says "Why did you get her a dildo?"

    The poor man says, "So if she doesn't like the slippers, she can go f*ck herself."

  3. Odd thing is, I've yet to see or hear any Slipper jokes yet.

    Isn't there some guy who instantly generates jokes that spread like a rash?

    Maybe he's on sick leave.