October 6, 2011

Why BDS is "pure Antisemitism"

Guest post from Geoffff: 

The BDS movement is "a call for the destruction of Israel". The "hypocrisy rises to heaven". It is an attack "on the little guy" not "because it is principled but because it is easy". Whatever Israel has done, "the US, England, ...France, any other country you care to name is a hundred times worse". BDS is "not a call from Palestinian civil society". It is a call from groups and individuals who "call themselves" Palestinian civil society "some of who are perfectly happy to study at Tel Aviv university". Even if it was such a call, it should be ignored because "it harms the Palestinians" and this is so"obvious" it is probably intentional. It is a gift to the Israeli hardliners" and "their American supporters". "Any call for divestment from Israel [alone] can be attacked as pure antisemitism and unfortunately this is with justice." "If you really hate the Palestinians, BDS is a good first step".

Who said this? A spokesman for AIPAC on acid, right? Wrong.

This is the hugely famous leading left intellectual, Israel and US critic, anti-Zionist theorist and 2011 Sydney Peace Prize recipient,  Noam Chomsky, in an interview at MIT Cambridge, a year ago.   The video of the great man's spray on BDS is about 15 minutes long but well worth the listen. 

Here is the great man again in another unilateral dialectic on the same subject in a classroom. Note the rapt girl in the red top. This is how the radical left like their politics. "Shut up and listen".

Identifying as an antisemite is about as fashionable as toothbrush moustaches and invading Poland. No one admits to it. It's the hate that dares not speak its name. The Israel bashing left especially can get very precious indeed about any suggestion of antisemitism on its part. They complain about it incessantly. They are always compelled to deny it.. "Just because I am a critic of Israel and concerned for the rights of Palestinians does not make me an antisemite!" "The Palestinians are Semites too!". (This is known as the neon sign rhetorical ploy. Anyone who says it may as well carry a neon sign around flashing "Dickhead".) Very occasionally the denial is offensive and faintly threatening. "If you suggest that by standing up for the rights of the Palestinians I am an antisemite, then so be it, I am an antisemite.!" Ahuh. The problem with all of this is that the suggestion is always theirs.

This is called the pre-emptive defensive denial. It is part of the armoury of every typical anti-Zionist or no particular Israel basher in general. The phenomenon is so widespread it is a defining feature of the assault on Israel from Europe and the left and has been for decades. Go to anywhere indulging in a spot of nasty Israel bashing and you will see it. Anywhere in the West that is. They don't bother with the hypocrisy in many countries.

Of course criticism of Israel or Israeli policy, or sympathy for the Palestinians, is not antisemitism. No one serious has ever seriously suggested that. Only the Israel hating left has, on "others'" behalf, and you have to wonder how serious they are about anything at all. On the other hand it is impossible to defend the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state, and for that state to defend itself like any other state, without being denounced for "racism". Sooner or later it always happens. The "apartheid state" slur is only the latest glib lie deployed in this tradition by the nasty old authoritarian left.

It is beyond argument that antisemitism inflames the debate about Israel/Palestine just as surely as it inflames the dispute itself. This cannot be honestly denied. Why is it denied? It is everywhere. Writing pompous academic treatises about "Jewish exceptionalism" and marching in the streets and calling out about "blood in your hot chocolate", accusing Jews of "genocide" and angrily demanding the destruction of the Jewish state, and only the Jewish state, is not sort of or just "antisemitism". This is classic antisemitism in close to its ugliest forms.

We need to be very clear about something at the centre of this. By this stage of this old and ugly game any notion that there is no room for the Jewish state between the river and the sea is antisemitic to the core. Israel's problem is not that it is a Jewish state. Its problem is that it is not a Muslim state. If it were a Muslim state, it would have different problems of course, but for that reason, and only for that reason, the state is to be pulled down and all it's citizens, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, atheists, women, gays, whatever, are to be robbed of all their civil and political rights that have vested by virtue of Israel being the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. That is BDS.

The very suggestion that this is a human rights campaign is the spitting lie of a bully. It is a recipe for never ending war. It is viciously antisemitic and it seeks to condemn the Palestinians to endless festering grievance and exploitation in whatever periods of peace their thuggish overlords allow them.

Why not accept the Jewish state? It's been there for over sixty years now and it is one of the most successful and productive nations on the planet.

Why not pick up the "two state" solution that has been on offer from the start and has been offered again and again and again since and is on offer still?Why do the "friends" of Palestine not ask their "friends" that question? Whoever "they" are. If they are truly "friends" why are they encouraging their "friends" in this vile and futile enterprise to tear down Israel and the Jews? 

Why are they not doing everything in their power to persuade their "friends" to abandon the offensive and profoundly dishonest notion of an Arab "right of return" to the Jewish state, accept Israel, accept Palestine and accept peace? Could it be that if they did, they would no longer be "friends"?

Peace, and an economic partnership, would drive prosperity for both nations forever.

That deluded old American man may actually believe that the US can be persuaded to abandon Israel as if it was the old apartheid regime in South Africa but he of course is plain crazy. His job ultimately is to persuade Americans to abandon America. Israelis have their version. So does Australia. Every country does. It's just that in some countries they are free to say what they like and in other countries they get their heads chopped off  and in America they are freest of all. Surely that is the whole point on the subject of human rights.It is also at the very core of the relationship between the American and Israeli peoples and that's just for a start.

The nasty old hard core left just don't get that.

It matters not a jot of course that some of them are "Jews" and it is astonishing that there are people who think this is relevant or even interesting. The hard and not so hard left alike wave it around to ward off "antisemitism" as if it was an incense burner at an exorcism. There is nothing new about this. What is the claim here? That there are people who identify as "Jews" or "secular Jews", solely for the purpose of dumping on Israel and the Jews, while sitting in the safe warm lap of their liberal Australian universities or somewhere else a million miles away? That can't be the claim. Of course there are such people.

This should be said because we know what we are dealing with.The ugly old left behind those antisemitic outbursts in our streets and shopping centres have always loved useful idiots and right now "Jews" are especially useful. Likely the political cults have been trying to recruit them as policy for years, as if they were Jews for Jesus, on campuses around the world. They are needed in the blood brother alliance with militant Islamism in the war against Israel. Indeed are they claiming that the old hard left cannot produce "secular Jews" to run outright racist or even genocidal programs? Tell it to Trotsky.

When you join a cult you sell your soul.

Whether someone is an "antisemite", a dupe, just plain dumb or something else entirely is impossible to know unless you meet them and is in any event thankfully not my line. Likely it would require an examination of the inner and darker reaches of their mind. Yuk. However the notion that by this stage of this old and ugly game there is no room for the Jewish state between the river and the sea is antisemitic to the core and this needs to be said very clearly.

The Israel/Arab dispute, and in particular the horrible struggle with the Palestinians, is not a plaything.

It is not some kind of global interactive reality TV show put on for the amusement of the smug and comfortable in  Sydney, New York. London or anywhere else. It is a real live never ending horror story that should shame everybody it it has gone on for so long and in particular should shame Europeans. Never mind "ashamed Jews".

For the people living in that average sized cattle station between the river and the sea these are matters of life and death. Their lives and the very future of their children are at stake. Absolutely this is a matter of fundamental human rights. How much more fundamental can it get? These people are not to be used as toys by oversized brats in universities and elsewhere displaying symptoms of poor parenting and even poorer education. No matter how old they are.

The BDS campaign is antisemitic, pure and simple. It is an attack on human rights. It has nothing to do with the promotion of human rights, the Palestinians’ human rights least of all. It is astonishing that there are still voices in respectable circles that don’t get that. This is no youthful exuberance about racism or war under the mentorship of silly but harmless peter pan academics that we might remember from the seventies. This is a horrible and dangerous echo from a generation before.

The anti-Israel hysteria that the universities and left/liberal media have been whipping up like stockmarket urgers since Israel had the audacity to win the six day war has finally got to a tipping point. Those who genuinely care about the human rights of the Palestinians should do their very best to persuade them to accept the Jewish state and to accept the Palestinian state and to accept peace. The BDS campaign has focused on this tiny point like a laser just as Chomsky knew it would.Please do not pretend this is not antisemitism and through deploying these BDS tactics the campaigners have shone a torch on the very heart of the problem.

This nasty and incessant anti-Israel talk, identical to the antisemitic chatter of the 1930′s, should not be acceptable in polite circles, let alone in universities and the smug high brow media..
You have seen what it has lead to from Newtown to the Royal Albert Hall. You must know where it can go from here.

Antisemitism is an aggressive and infectious psychological illness but it can be cured with the snap of the fingers. This needs to be said more often. One of the most successful nations on the planet is to be torn down on the sole ground that it is the Jewish state? Why will they not accept the Jewish state?

Those looking for moral certainties in this old and horrible business will find them in the answer to that question.

Of course this is antisemitism hiding behind noxious labels as it always does and with a few Jews up front for cover as there always have been as well.

No state for the Jews. No peace for the Palestinians.

BDS has made this very plain.

They have the audacity to call this a humans rights campaign.

It should shame anybody who has anything to do with it.

Noam Chomsky will be in Sydney later this year to pick up his peace prize. Early November may have got suddenly interesting in the culture wars. Flashy local peter pan academics who have been preaching BDS to the kids may have a few interesting weeks ahead. 


  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    And you have provided one more example of what I called the thousands of pens Israel has at its command to tell us that black is white. Arie Brand


  2. geoffff9:35 AM

    You talk about a thousand pens, Justin. I suspect there are many more than that.

    This article is in part a reply to Arie Brand's comment at WD. Webdiary won't publish it. They won't even publish a note referring Arie and others to this blog to see my reply. Nor will "The Drum", even though I submitted it twice, in my own name, I defame nobody (a huge ask for me) and they have published five Israel-bashing pieces in a row including a truly vile lump of shit by Antony Loewenstein.

    As you can see, Arie is under the impression that my incidental spray about Michael Neumann is the reply. There's nothing I can do about that.

    Here's the link for those who have no idea what we are talking about.


    Thanks Caz, for putting up my reply, even though it is pretty repetitive for here.

  3. geoffff9:42 AM

    They can't seriously be worried that Noam Chomsky might sue me (and them) for defamation?

    I should be so lucky!!!

  4. Anonymous10:38 PM

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel took Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu harshly to task Friday over last week's decision to approve 1,100 housing units in Gilo, precipitating an unprecedented diplomatic crisis.

    A senior Israeli official said the move greatly angered Merkel, after she had enlisted massive support of Israel over the past few weeks to help in thwarting a Security Council vote approving Palestinian membership in the United Nations.

    Senior German officials told their Israeli counterparts that Merkel was "furious" and "does not believe a word [Netanyahu] says."

    It looks like Israeli leadership is intend on isolating Israel even more.

    All the sound and fury will never distract unbiased observers from the reality that Israeli leadership is not interested in peace - they simply want to steal as much stuff as they can while they can.

    And that dear Geoff is the problem, not anti this or anti that (a worn out distraction regardless of what that "lunatic" has to say).

    Besides, is the continued stealing of other people's stuff the way to peace or the way to conflict?

    Mate, have you considered a different line of business, this one is well past its use by date.


  5. J - certainly the timing of that announcement could not possibly have been more dumb-arsed ...

  6. geoffff12:16 AM

    That development is in Gilo, which is not Arab East Jerusalem, and would be part of Israel under any negotiated two state solution even if that split Jerusalem. Except there will never be a negotiated two state solution because the Arabs will never accept Israel.

    Hence the building.

  7. geoffff8:20 AM

    Which "lunatic" would that be Justin? There are so many of them I have lost count.

  8. geoffff10:21 AM

    The Great Palestinian Lie. The truth will win out. Finally some more people are getting passionate about the truth.


    Not terribly diplomatic, but as clear a statement of the blindingly obvious truth that I have ever heard.

    Exactly what I have been saying for years.

  9. geoffff12:55 PM

    A thousand voices.

    Is Israel an apartheid state?


  10. geoffff8:03 PM

    That was Dennis Prager.


  11. geoffff8:23 PM

    Here is another five minute course from the Prager University.

    Are you a liberal?


    I'm not. I did the test. I scored 2 out of 21 on the liberal detector test and while I didn't send them my email address to confirm it I'm sure that doesn't qualify.

  12. geoffff8:36 PM

    Here's the test right here.


    Come on Justin I dare you. I double dare you.

  13. Err, are we talking Australian-brand liberalism or American-brand liberalism?

    (Either way, how the hell did you only score two?)



  15. geoffff10:33 PM

    I'm talking gutless left/liberal liberalism such as the prevailing culture of the ABC, Fairfax, and the humanities departments of certain second tier universities. The Australian equivalent of the American targets of this conservative American academic.

    5 hey?. You're only slightly less not liberal than me.

  16. Probably closer to 3.5 Geoffff; had to fudge it on a couple of questions (as you do, when confronted with a shoddy survey design).

  17. geoffff8:34 PM

    Yeah, sorry Caz, it's a political thing and my fault for not leading through the front door.


    and here for the apartheid state stinking filthy racist slimy fuck faced leftie greenie lie


  18. geoffff3:19 PM

    Sorry Caz. I should have warned you that you'll attract this crap.

  19. Easily fixed ...

  20. Anonymous12:37 AM

    FYI, following echoed here.

    geoffff said...
    Sorry Caz. I should have warned you that you'll attract this crap.
    3:19 PM

    Caz said...
    Easily fixed ...
    8:44 PM


    Well, this:

    Anonymous said...

    No 'right to exist' as a Jewish (or any other) state, since Israel was grounded in and grew (as a cancer) from vicious, premeditated crimes against humanity (including genocidal ethnic cleansing), proven latest with Plan Dalet / Deir Yassin *massacre* - and like crimes are repeated randomly but often down to the 'current moment' = 63+ bloody years and no end anywhere in sight. No need to delegitimise anything, since murdering burglars / home-invaders may never declare themselves, unilaterally or not, independent from (good) morals or (just) law - and so Israel was never legitimate *at all*. No need to talk about 'democracy,' when many of the early leaders came direct from murdering terrorist organisations (King David Hotel bombing, say); electing criminals is hardly what one expects in a proper democracy. Since the Israeli electors could not / would not elect any majority prepared to offer their victims justice at any time - even if any-such would ever stand, no proper choice means no proper democracy possible. Even when offered the '2nd chance' to reform itself (UNGA273), Israel broke its word and refuses to this day to honour UNGA181 & 194 (or any other inconveniently just law, for that matter, like Geneva Conventions, say). What that means is that Israel *invalidates* its UN recognition, in turn meaning it would delegitimise itself, but see 'never legitimate' above. Israel's 'thousands of pens' can never afford to acknowledge the above truths (their case would automatically collapse) - which makes each and every one a *lying* supporter of a lying, thieving & murdering *rogue* regime. Those who care to cast a cursory glance can easily see all of the above; the result in any *normal* human being is utter outrage. Since the US/UN/UK/Aus plus other immoral regimes will not act to restore justice, it leaves free, justice-seeking people only a few realistic options, a BDS campaign being one such - which is exactly why a BDS is so fiercely attacked by those 1000(++!) lying, poisonous pens. "Victors' history" cannot stand the (internet) light of day; time's up for the Zionist project and its shoddy supporters, see more -ve adjectives already deployed above.
    9:46 PM

    Pahoff is a lying traitor to Oz, i.e. a cowardly 5th columnist hasbarist who does not even have the courage of his own convictions. Caz appears to be somewhat of a tool, either wittingly or not - but she further 'mixes in' by deleting my comment. Thanks for your contribution to free speech, Caz. Clearly, Pahoff is such an internet-troglodyte that he can't even build his own blog, and has to 'bludge' space on someone else's. Worse, instead of addressing my facts, he attempts to dismiss it by calling it 'crap' - at least a true dinky-di would say "Bullshit!"

    Which is what I say you are both full of.

  21. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Don't forget to look here:


  22. Gawd - that is soooooo pathetic.

    Lovely that you think my blog (with its little readership) contributes to the greater good of free speech, beyond my own.

    How peculiar that you keep copies of your comments, unless you cut and paste the same thing all over the web, which would be efficient.

    Obviously you're quite a fan of Geoffff's. Good for you.

  23. BTW you total cock: blogger has automatic spam filtering; which your comments go to (I've rescued from the spam box!) ... seems even blogger thinks your comments should go to the bilge box.

  24. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Wow, I remember once I didn't get a letter published in the paper - I should have just started me own paper to make me point. But why bother.

    But Geoff, have you not considered setting up your very own blog? Avatahoff, sounds cool.


  25. geoffff7:04 AM

    Hey Justin, why should I set up my very own blog when someone has set one up for me?

    Mind you I'm not allowed to comment there. I've tried.

  26. Anonymous5:14 PM

    "Mind you I'm not allowed to comment there. I've tried."

    From Dashboard | Avatar Panties:

    "Who Can Comment? • Anyone - includes Anonymous Users"

    Pehaps troglodytic finger-trouble?

    Sooo ...

    { October 11, 2011 5:15 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Test comment to assure functionality.
    October 13, 2011 8:07 AM }

  27. Justin - hee hee, indeed.

  28. Oh for fuck's sake - will you piss off already you poor ignorant sod.

    And BTW - you were again sent straight to the spam box.

    Be assured I have better things to do than trawling blogger spam every day on the off chance that some dickhead has had his relentlessly pointless comments diverted. In other words, it's the last time I'll rescue your bilge from the spam box.

    After this you'll just have to bang on to yourself about how your freedom of crapdom has been impinged, silence, censored, yadda, yadda, yadda. Blogger algorithm deems your thoughts to be garbage ... nothin' I can do about that.

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