October 25, 2011

Tim Flannery: can someone get the guy a compass

Does anyone understand Tim Flannery's moral foundations, his bearings?  

Does he?

Does he have any?

Flannery is vigorously on the side of backs coal-seam gas and mining industry, and is warning of "social dislocation" across the country if farmers don't play nice with the mining industry.

And this:
"I went around talking to farmers who told me tales of woe about coal-seam methane companies whose representatives were leaving gates open on their properties, leaving trenches open, knocking down fences and basically making it impossible for them to run their businesses," he said.

"They saw the whole industry tarred, and I think that is a dangerous and damaging thing."

Seriosuly! WTF?

Does he think before speaking, at all?

Tim Flannery backs coal seam gas and mining industry


  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    "Tim Flannery, who earns a salary of $180,000 for three days a week as the Prime Minister's chief climate change commissioner, is one of several high-profile names already identified by the department on an unpublished short-list of potential candidates."

    Tim Flannery and Michael Kirby to sell NBN

    He's a reasonably well paid academic. His bio lends one to believe that the academic world is all he understands, so I reckon about $160/hr is pretty good for a non producer.

    Hey for $160/hr many would willingly show their total ignorance regarding the day to day realities of life on the land.


  2. Same guy who claimed Sydney would be under water by now. Or without water - entirely? One or the other. That was only a few years ago. That anyone pays him to think, to offer his ideas, is insulting to the rest of us. Including the obnoxious and quite stupid 12 year old down the street.

    Flannery to help spruik the NBN? They're kidding! At least Kirby has integrity and credibility, not to mention a consistent moral and intellectual framework.

  3. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Yeh, I read it in The Australian, I thought I had linked it but me HTML must have been wrong.

    $160/hr for Flannery is generous, but $160/hr for Kirby is cheap, depending on how one uses his services.

    Kirby could make a wealthy income outside of government - Flannery most probably could not.


  4. Flannery, for unfathomable reasons, makes a living from his books, which seems unfair to all the other writers. (As do Dan Brown, Bryce Couretnay, and excrement.)