October 27, 2011

Overland done over

Former  Victorian Chief Commissioner of Police, Simon Overland, was accused, pillared, generally insulted, tarred and  feathered, and lost his job.

He was especially and specifically smeared for referring matters relating to Sir Ken Jones to the Office of Police Integrity (OPI) for investigation.

Turns out every son of bitch commentator was wrong, except for Overland.  The bastards really were out to get him, and the story has more political intrigue and stupidity than could have been invented.

Ken Jones, who has, all along, been presented as some sort of saint, continues to insist that he is a saint, despite conspiring to boot Overland and take his place - his apparent defense is that he thought he was legitimately and actually dealing with the government, 'cause that would have been ok.  Turns out he was mostly dealing with a power drunk Tristan Weston, a detective on leave working in the Police Minister's office as a special adviser. 

Special adviser's secret talks with Ken Jones 

Ken Jones is "very disappointed with the negative construction" ... yeah, right.

Ken Jone's statement in response to the release of the OPI report 

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