October 11, 2011

It's the Mad Monk by a Mile

I agreed with half of something Tony said this week, which is 50 per cent more agreeableness than he usually elicits from iCaz.  
Speaking on Triple M Sydney:
Mr Abbott took aim at both Kevin Rudd and Ms Gillard, telling the show: "I think both of them have no real governmental experience. I mean Kevin Rudd had been a backroom boy in Queensland. Julia Gillard had been a lifelong apparatchik and hadn’t actually done really any of the senior jobs before getting the prime ministership. Now I don’t claim to be perfect but I was a minister for nine years in the Howard government. I was a cabinet minister for seven years.'' 
The latest survey (christ, how often do they do these bloody things?) gave the Gillard Government a three per cent bump, but gave the Coalition, and therefore Tony Abbott, a startling lead, or equal standing, on pretty much everything under the sun - including every key electoral issues for the first time:  the economy, health, education, climate change and even industrial relations.

Labor leader has lost publics faith (and journalists are finally catching up with the real world)

More than a little too late, Malcolm Fraser shares his opinion that Tony Abbott is a dangerous politician, and gives an entirely sensible, articulate opinion on many other matters as well. 

(Yeah, remember the good old days, when politicians were expected to speak in complete sentences and at least feign a modicum of intelligence and a minimum education?)

Malcolm Fraser - we have lost our way

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