September 1, 2011

Plastic attraction

It's been a long while since we've dipped into the bracing pool of inexplicable penis adventures, so it's with much enthusiasm that we contemplate the latest attraction  ... a small inflatable backyard device.

A 32 year old Ohio man has been jailed for having sex with his neighbours plastic paddle pool.

He has been arrested at least five other times - alas, no details given - stemming from his urge to merge with plastic objects.

Whatever rocks your boat


  1. I'm still trying to picture exactly how one might have sex with a paddle pool... Was it still inflated when the police caught up with him?

    Maybe it's one of those things best left unanswered.


  2. Even the guy having sex with outdoor furniture was ... err ... slightly more easy to imagine (although not at all comfortable) than the guy with erotic urges about plastic.

    Someone should just buy him a large roll of glad wrap for use in the safety of his own home.

  3. One of the guys at work had a birthday recently and the staff bought him a blow up doll... You would think that would work a bit better than the neighbours paddle pool actually.

  4. Hmm, indeed - that's an awfully obvious solution!

    Although glad wrap would be cheaper.

    Perhaps his plastic fixation doesn't extend to facsimiles of women. The thrill is in the non-human form of plastics?

    A drink bottle here, a garbage bag there ...

  5. Watch out vacuum cleaner!

  6. Oh yeah, and the mixing bowls (for this guy, not so much for others ...).