September 23, 2011

More evidence … of something

To hold the tide, during router outage (refer post of pain, previous ...)
Things are so crazy in Canberra politics that it's easy to miss the significance of Labor senator John Faulkner's attack on Julia Gillard this week.
Michelle Grattan (OMG – surely Fairfax hasn’t turned into the ‘hate media’?)
It is doubtful we’ve ever had two major party leaders less curious, by contemporary standards, about the outside world, about neighbouring countries, about different people, about ideas—more inward-looking—than these two.

One of the reasons many Australians say they want Kevin Rudd back is that he was actually a grownup. He seemed interested in that important overseas stuff. Had read a book or two. Gave the impression he thinks about things.

He had the highest satisfaction ratings in opinion poll history but we can imagine the backroom boys still admonished him to talk more about sport, use smaller words and speak slowly.

Be more like Julia, she’s really popular.
So much for the common touch (OMG – surely News Corp hasn’t started hating all political parties equally?)

Meanwhile Bob escapes all judgement, with straight-hand reporting (speaking for itself) from our friends at the Murdoch press:
Greens leader Bob Brown said yesterday he had made it clear to Julia Gillard that Australia should be supporting the Palestinian bid to be recognised as an independent observer in the UN with a similar status to the Vatican.

He said giving the Palestinians recognition as "a de facto state" would bring a quicker end to the Middle East conflict by allowing them to negotiate as equals.

The Greens leader said the best option for progress in the Middle East was to have equals at the table.
"We don't have that at the moment," Senator Brown said. 
Err, no, we don’t Bob. There’s a reason for that.

Greens demand Gillard support Palestinian bid for UN recognition


  1. geoffff8:02 AM

    Bob Brown could spend his time better making the case why we should recognise Marrickville.

  2. geoffff12:35 PM

    I almost forgot ...

    Go Cats!!!

  3. YES!

    Here's hoping, three flags in five years ... can we pound the Pies into the ground?

    Set to be a nerve stretching week.

    The Palestinian UN bid is not looking the way I expected.

    Bit like a thief promising to stop stealing if only you let him out of prison ...

    Yet, this seems to be the general logic of the greater portion of the UN. Would not have thought I'd see the Palestinian leader cheered and Israel treated with a mute sort of contempt.

    If Palestine is given recognition, surely the incentive to move along on peace talks (yet more of them), to actually reach an agreement and get on with it, is pretty much removed.

  4. geofffff5:52 PM

    The UN bid is all about avoiding peace talks because Abbas knows he can't deliver peace. Immediately before the speech he made another speech to Palestinian community leaders where he may have thought he was among friends.

    It was a very clear "no Jewish state" statement.

    That has hardly been reported of course. Only the "historic bid" (which has happened before incidentally).

    He must know this cannot mean peace. For sure he would have been told often enough. Maybe he is just hoping to postpone war?

    It does not look.

    Something weird has happened. He has transferred the application from the GA to the SC where US influence is weak but much stronger than in the GA and where he would have "won".

    Perhaps "winning" is the last thing he wants. A victory likely would mean chaos in the "Arab street" with unpredictable results.

    This gets the thing off the table for six months.

  5. geoffff5:59 PM

    I was about to say "It does not look good" before my mind sputtered out. It does that a lot

    Here are links to that report on the Abbas pre-speech speech, if interested. They do a lot of "pre-speeching" in the Arab world, I've noticed. A lot of "post-speeching' as well.,7340,L-4126571,00.html

    On Friday afternoon, Abbas said he was adamant about not recognizing Israel as the Jewish state.

    "They talk to us about the Jewish state, but I respond to them with a final answer: We shall not recognize a Jewish state," Abbas said in a meeting with some 200 senior representatives of the Palestinian community in the US, shortly before taking the podium and delivering a speech at the United Nations General Assembly."

  6. Perhaps that speech would also have been cheered by the UN Geoff. Perhaps they would have cheered no matter what he said.

    Got me bemused.

    And Bob Brown & Co more and more makes me want to throw up just a little bit every time I see or hear them.

  7. geoffff8:32 AM

    Orwell once called the Church of England "the conservative party at prayer".

    A cheap shot to be sure but still pretty good.

    Here's Hamas at prayer