September 3, 2011

Gone, gone, gone

Bill Shorten, a likely future Prime Minister, is disingenuous in this embarrassingly desperate defense of the current Prime Minister.  It reads like a perfectly nice reference, for someone applying for a promotion from general clerk to specialist administrator.  We do, I think, expect more of our Prime Ministers than this; and more than this banal defense of the status quo from a Prime Minister in waiting.
The PM is as emotionally intelligent (calm and modest) and as warm as anyone I have met in public life. At the same time, Julia Gillard has an eye for detail and a tremendous grasp of the bigger picture.

Perhaps most importantly, she is in the job for the right reasons - for the country and not herself.
Julia a true leader with deep strength


  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Piss weak.. Lacks conviction and fervour..

    More limp wristed stuff from Swan, today..

    "Julia Gillard is tough as nails and she is going to lead the Labor party for a long period of time."

    A week in politics is a very long time.. Lol..


  2. Swan needs to go too.

    I don't recall such an ineffectual, insipid Treasurer in my lifetime.