September 30, 2011

Bloody Blogger

Blogger is playing funny buggers. 

Apologies to those who have tried and failed to post comments during the last couple of days; appears to be a continuing problem.

Try posting using "Anonymous", rather than Google Profile, but even that isn't working consistently.   Also try accessing via Firefox (if you don't already), rather than MS Explorer.

Send complaints to Google. 

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  1. Yeah, blogger can be a bugger...

    I discovered, pretty much as soon as I closed my blog the last time, that quite a few 'disappeared' comments had gone into the 'spam' repos, which I belatedly discovered in Dashboard / Comments / Spam.

    I guess I missed the news about that facility because I'm a bit lax in reading blogger's "please read this important info, this means YOU Jacob" communiques.

    (If this ends up in 'spam', then I give up...)

  2. Anonymous10:23 PM

    So far so good...


  3. Ha!

    There they are!

    Under Spam!


    Got me beat.

    Blogger is dumping regular commentors into Spam.

    At least I can un-Spam them, now that I know where "the disappeared" go.

    Thanks for that Jacob.

    By coincidence, I did read that Spam blocking had been implemented, only a week or so ago (Google are redesigning all of there user interfaces, including blogger, so saw the note about Spam when I accepted the new interface) - did not occur to me to check the Spam box, or even look for it.

    It would seem that the alleged Spam blocking dates back quite a way - 12 months ago, when I accused my shiny new Blackberry of having done something magical and unwanted to blog comments.

    The Blackberry was innocent: all those vanished comments had been eaten by Google.

    Talk about your totally crap Spam blocker.

    Random blocker!

    Again, thank you Jacob. Good thing you have a good memory.

  4. I'm guessing google/blogger will have some kind of super-you-beaut heuristic algorithm which will, incrementally, improve accuracy in picking spam as you sift the wheat from the chaff on an ongoing basis... kind of... sort of...

    It's bound to be all too bloody clever by half, and in return they'll only ask for your soul and credit details.

  5. Anonymous11:45 AM

    So does this mean I can do nothing? I even tried cutting down the "f"s in my name thinking that might be why I was getting caught up in some spam filter. Nope didn't work.

    I am having the same problem at Daphne Anson and I'm sure so do a lot of others. Her comment traffic was turned off like a tap last time I looked. No way to tell her to check her spam box naturally because I have no idea who she is.


  6. geoffff11:46 AM

    Hey it worked! I did something right. I just have to figure out what.

  7. Geoff - I clicked a "not spam" thingy, against other recent comments, so that should (??) explain why you've been unclogged.

    Suggest that you send comment to Daphne, letting her know that she needs to go into her comments > spam folder in blogger administration. As much as the comment vanishes from her blog, if she is notified of comments by email she'll still get your comment; depends if she has that function working ... you can only try.

    (I have comments notified to my email address, saves me checking on the blog, and even the Spam comments - the vanished - still come through by email. At least I know where to look now, if they don't publish on the blog.) fyi