August 23, 2011

Polls and prostitutes

Satisfaction with Julia Gillard's performance fell to 29 per cent, while dissatisfaction rose to 61 per cent.  Tony Abbott is not greatly behind in disgruntled voter stakes, with satisfaction sitting at 36 per cent and dissatisfaction at 55 per cent.

As was the case in the Federal election a year ago, the polls merely confirm that we don't want Gillard and we don't want Abbott.  Yet Abbott and the Lib's continue to jump about with big grins and happiness that they are loathed slightly less than the woeful Labor performers.  

Meanwhile, Labor MP Craig (I'm partial to expensive all girls) Thomson continues to feign innocence over buying prostitutes using his Health Services Union credit card (all charges later reversed and billed to another credit card).  His old union friends also continue to support his claims of being a truthful man.  With no criminal charges in the wind, Thomson wafts around Gillard (standing by her man with "complete confidence") and the hung parliament like a bucket of mouldering used condoms. 

Gillard back to rock bottom ...

Thomson's denials weaken ... 

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