August 24, 2011

Political turmoil looms

If you think things are woeful in federal politics, just wait, it's going to get worse.
MP Craig Thomson  used his parliamentary email to lobby Central Coast Group Training (CCGT) on behalf of his ex-wife Christa in March - at the same time it had applied for $2.7 million in Commonwealth funding. [She did not get the job; the company had more sense than the MP, recognising the potential conflict.]

In another development, NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione yesterday said he was deciding whether to investigate Mr Thomson over allegations he spent union funds on prostitutes.
By-election pending ..... ?

Federal ALP hanging by a thread 


  1. He deserves to go. And I've not even seen the evidence: the face is enough.

    The other side is no side at all; a collection of naysayers and fence shakers. Their mettle is attested by their real leader:

    "Someone has instructed the federal police from stopping them going where they want to go. This is shameful. Here are the people in their trucks, this is the most disgraceful thing that has ever been done to democracy."

    The execrable Alan Jones addressing the "Convoy of No Confidence" today. Seems he disagreed with his own organisers' agreement with Federal Police to forgo the trucks' occupation of Parliament Drive.

    Jones' knowledge and comprehension of history - never a strong suit - deserted him completely. Not to mention his sense occasion. Sums the man up completely. Abbott's shameless adoption of the "cause" - the Assumption, placard and pole, to "policy" - is disgusting but business as usual for him.

    The government is deplorable; the alternative a pandering, pusillanimous puss.

  2. Our next government: pandering, pusillanimous puss. Indeed.

    May the universe show mercy to us all.

    Luckiest country in the world right now (dumb luck, not good governance or business leaders) and our political leaders - all sides - are utterly pissing it away.

    Forget carbon taxes and global warming, the greatest disaster, which will effect us for decades, is being wrought by Gillard, Abbott and Brown. It's diabolical and no new tax will fix it.

    Bugger all chance that Turnbull will step up, or that Labor will have the guts to ditch Gillard.

    We're so fucked.