August 25, 2011

Once a pretty girl

Looking exactly like a normal, pretty girl of 16 ... 

Lady GaGa must cringe at this photograph, taken when she looked ... like a girl, a nice girl, with pretty features; and not looking at all drug addled or bullied.

When celebs were teenagers ... 


  1. Wow!! I haven't seen pics of gaga before she was famous. She looks sooo normal!

  2. Yep, normal and unambiguously a girl! Photo's of her from high school are readily available on the internet, making the rubbish (and her own PR spin) about "is she really a he" self-evidently ludicrous.

    Besides which, she does have a boyfriend ... but that doesn't fit her heavily cultivated image as being part of some tortured minority ... "born this way" - yeah, born a heterosexual girl from a good family, normal and untroubled upbringing: nah, doesn't quite hit the headlines or make the millions.

    Excellent business woman, but I do wonder how long she can keep it up; it must be quite taxing to put on the act day after day, not just on the occasional tour.

    Should have kept her original nose too, it suited her far better than the new one - bit like when Jennifer Grey (dirty dancing)got a new nose and no one recognised her (although with the latter, she did look more attractive; alas, everyone wanted her to still look the way she did in dirty dancing.