August 3, 2011

Not a mullet, but something like it

In NSW, the boys and girls are back in parliament, with the lovely Kristina Keneally turning up (after a holiday in France) looking like a petulant school girl. 

The new "do" has led to far too many puns, of which KK deserves better, but then, so do those hair extensions.  
"... And then Kristina Keneally walked into the chamber with her new hairstyle and nothing seemed to make sense any more."
Keneally curly one questions posed extensions granted


  1. Anonymous10:51 PM

    I guess hair extentions are a lot less painful than a facelift, eh Caz?

    Oh, and a lot less vain ;)

    Guess who?

  2. I'll have to admit that I can't identify the look she was going for, Kath.

    An 80s version of Linda McCartney?

    Got me beat.

    She looked younger and lovelier with the flick-bob.

    I'm hoping this was a bad shot, and some more glamorous photo's will be released any minute.

    I know losing the election was pretty bad, but this seems to be an extreme response to the disappointment.

  3. geoffff5:01 PM

    I reckon she looks hot. Mind you I'd reckon she looked hot if she was wearing a deep sea diving suit with oxygen pipe and weights.

    What exactly is a hair extension?

  4. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Geoff, you can have her mate.

    A hair extension is just that, they extend the length of each hair by injecting sillycon into it, which seems rather odd, since hair extends in length all on its own anyway - but that's if you still have hair, if not, then you can buy sillycon extended horse hair for a few bucks at the local chemist - or so a bald horse once told me.


  5. geoffff9:38 PM

    Astonishing. Each hair? Do women actually just sit while someone does this bizarre thing to them of which you speak? Why?

  6. geoffff9:45 PM

    I took an old neighbour to a hospital today for a procedure. On the way to the hospital there's a street with cottages and flats. Out the front of one there's a handwritten sign that says

    and then a phone number.

    It's been there for two or three years. there has been no change to the price.

  7. Anonymous11:26 PM

    What's the phone number?

    But are they buying or selling, and do our immigration laws permit same?

    Oh, women go to amazing lengths to make themselves look beautiful for us men, many do spend a lot of time and a lot of money at it.

    And all that can be said about that is:

    thank you


  8. Geoff - yes, women sit in a chair for up to eight hours getting hair extensions. A strange use of time, but so is blogging, I suppose.

    Hair - real or synthetic - is either glued or attached with metal clips. Once done, it has to be maintained and they can't even use normal shampoos, have to use something special. Apart from that, the glue or the metal clips wreck the ends of the natural hair, so, eventually, if they want to ditch the extensions, quite a bit of the natural hair has to be cut off as well, so that it doesn't look as though a dog ate it.

    Women do some very strange things. I don't think many men have made the comment "the first thing that attracted me was her beautiful hair extensions".

  9. The price of Brazilians never goes up, sometimes goes down.

    If buying by the dozen you could probably get them for $25 each.

  10. geoffff9:17 PM

    I can't believe women don't know how little they have to do to get the attention of men.

  11. Solomon8:41 PM

    I would totally give Kristina a Brazilian. No. Questions. Asked.

  12. Would you gift wrap it?

  13. Geoff - women are taught (from birth) to believe they are not acceptable the way they are, and that has only worsened over the last generation, and will continue, with no end of things that women are told they are obliged to "fix" - whether it be a wrinkle, their hair, or the shape and size of their nose/breasts/hips - yes, it can all be "fixed". There appears to be no backlash in sight. It cuts across every age group now.

  14. geoffff4:42 PM

    Yeah I kinda see the problem and I have nothing to offer by way of a solution. "Hey girls ... you're cute enough ... honest ... put done the friggin' knife"?

  15. geoffff4:47 PM

    Or maybe "it's not that bad ... honest.. you can't seriously believe it's worth the pain"?

  16. geoffff4:49 PM

    ...and put down the knife when you're "done" with it.