August 31, 2011

Greens show real colours - again

If the doleful scaremongers at the Climate Change Institute want to persuade Australians about the need to cut carbon emissions, they'll have to do better than their report "A Climate of Suffering: The real costs of living with inaction on climate change".

The picture it paints of a nation wracked by fear, despair, bereavement, depression, self-harm, suicide, domestic violence, family dissolution, debilitating mental illness, children anticipating the end of the world and a billion climate refugees by 2050 is enough to make readers wonder if it's worth getting out of bed.

Effective climate change debate and action depends on reliable science and rational decision-making, not hyperbole. Mental illness is too serious and complex a health problem to be used to whip up anxiety over climate change and promote expensive solar roof panels, the only positive photograph in the report.
They become more and more despicable, then wonder why fewer people want to listen.

And I'm still waiting for the fully funded anti-climate change institute, dedicated - in the way of real science - to studying and testing the null hypothesis.

Yep, still waiting.

(Someone out there should also be funded to show us the real cost of the Greens and of all climate change policies at state and federal level.)

Editorial from The Australian

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