August 26, 2011

Duck Friday


  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    No time quacks today. Off to have my hair done.

    Sheesh, should be taking your ducky mate with me. Juan (my hairdresser) would soon sort that hair-do (or lack thereof) out!


  2. Yep, serious case of bed-head ... err, duck-head?

  3. geoffff10:11 AM

    Is this what hair extensions do to a duck?

  4. geoffff11:53 AM

    Caz, it's way off the non topic but I was blogging somewhere else and came across a short UTube that reminded me of a recent discussion -- thought you might be interested.

    I don't think its news that "great leaders" use famine as a weapon of war. It's also worth remembering that all the communist bosses were genoicidal killers of innocent people. Not just Stalin. So was the glorious Trotsky. A hero to the betrayed workers' utopia and the spiritual figurehead of a whole strand of these deluded fuckbrained red/green shitheaded wankers who control the bloody Senate for fucksake.

  5. geoffff11:55 AM

    Next they'll be saying they are pacifists and why can't we all get along.


  6. Geoff - Yes, that's exactly what hair extensions do to ducks, and women - alarming.

  7. It continues to beggar belief that there are those who did - and still - so vigorously support communism or socialism ... whatever ism ... alas, the only form of government that we dunderheads have come up with that is less-worse is representative democracy - yes, it beats the pants off all other forms, but how I long for a more intelligent electorate, and an infinitely more intelligent bunch of politicians.

    Famine - and general deprivations - was and is a weapon, the ugliest of all, perhaps. Control is best exerted on those who have been stripped of all dignity and physical strength.

    Famine in other parts of the world continues to be political; that we have excess food in the world but still don't have the will or the means to distribute and give it to those in need is a continuing political ugliness. Sure, corruption exists - not hard to solve, just shoot the bastards, so that those who need food and medical care receive it without hindrance.

  8. geoffff2:11 PM

    I have always believed that the cruelest way for a person to die is to starve to death. No tyrant has devised a worse form of execution than to force starving parents to watch their children die. They all did it and do it again if given the opportunity. Remember Biafra starved into submission before the whole world by the rest of Nigeria. I can't remember who had the oil. It's what you do to people when you really hate them.

    One of the antisemitic slanders the red/green shitheads toss at Israel is that it "starves" Gaza. Slimy toerags. There is something rotten at the very core of these people. Something in the DNA.