July 17, 2011

What if?

The USA is $14.3 trillion in debt.

Default on the debt is imminent if Obama can't gain support for ... an increase ... in the allowable of debt  ... an increase in the debt that America can't service.

And if they do default?

Meanwhile, Australia, sitting pretty, while Europe and America continue to blunder along, is burdened with the worst leaders that could possibly be inflicted on a wealthy, stable country.

Gillard and Abbott are not respected by the public, because they don't deserve respect.  They do not behave as respectable and authoritative leaders should.  Their gravitas is missing in action, they stand naked before us and we are collectively repelled.

And for goodness sake, will someone tell our Prime Minister to stop touching people - the laying of hands in her wooden manner is an excruciating distraction; and someone please make her stop speaking as if addressing a room of slow three year olds.

A special tip for journalists everywhere, who keep writing that Abbott will be subject to closer scrutiny ... in due course  ... three minutes before we have to vote at the next federal election.  For fuck's sake you morons:  how about applying the blow torch now?  Are you such dunderheads that you can't "scrutinise" the incumbent and the opposition at the same time?  Is that too much fucking work?  Will it use up too much fucking ink?


  1. Solomon1:28 PM

    I found this email I wrote to Jules in - God help me - 2005 and her one sentence reply: "Thanks for all this Solomon!"

    All I can say is that the past is a different country.

    Hi Julia,

    I'm a young law student, media dropout and NSW Westie. Normally I'd
    claim to be your biggest fan but I expect that you've got enough devotees that it may not be quite accurate. I'd just like to say that I feel sorry for your predicament at the moment and wish you well in your future political career.

    I think the comment you made about there being a "Canberra Press
    gallery" view of the world, is accurate.

    As a student of the media, the conclusion I came to, partly from
    watching the way in which the media hounded Latham after not making a statement,is that the political parties in this country are controlled through their lower-lights, en masse. The media has the profoundest effect on those who have little experience of the subject in question and so if you're hauled up in a little political "Spaceship", you'lre vulnerable to such influence.

    I think the work Mark has done, as media critic, this past week or so, is
    extremely necessary, if Labor is going to get anywhere.

    The only way to learn about the Australian people is to talk (read:
    listen) to them directly.

    Last year, in a bit of a bleak period, after having cocked up a
    journalism assignment with a minor spelling error, and ruffling the feathers of my very precious lecturer, I decided I was going to abandon journalism as a potential career. I'd studied it closely and become disgusted by its mechanisms and didn't want to ever be corrupted by it, so it just wasn't worth pursuing anymore. Whilst I'm not really sure I'm best suited to the law, I've decided to adjust and devote myself to it.

    I like you. I like your attitude. That's what I most want to say to you.

    If you're missing anything, its the same thing that all politicians are
    missing, which is broad exposure to the electorate. You said something
    very brave when you said tha in certain "new suburbs", of which I am
    surrounded, people simply don't know one another's names. If you're going to broach sensitive subjects like alienation and community disconnection, I think it requires a very profound understanding of human nature and a level of authority. You strike me as someone still exploring human nature and the ways of the world, which means that even true things you say leave you
    open, unless you can carry them off effortlessly. People will resist change, I'm certain of it, especially over sensitive issues, so, sounding tentative,as you sometimes do, will leave it open for the reactionary elements to simply shut down your operations!

    Seeing the footage of your speech on Annabelle Crabb was the first time I ever got any sense of any insecurity,watching you, since you reminded me of a slightly isolated, insecure,very thin young woman that I know. Whilst I know it is problematic to draw conclusions about women from their looks, some women cry out "stressed" to me, merely from body language/shape/demeanour, and I got the same impression whilst watching the footage of you, like being in the spotlight was withering you.

    I've been toying with the idea of joining the Labor party for a while
    now. I'm still undecided, given that I'm very independent and reluctant to
    give that away.

    People like you and Tanner have kept me interested. If I lived in
    Adeilade I'd want to work for you, cos I think that you're cute. A sassy
    law-chick and all that.

    Also, I have a relentless desire to try and fix other people's problems
    and to keep the peace. Something about growing up in a divorced household -
    but I'll save all that for the psychologists!

    Warm Regards,

    Solomon Wakeling

  2. Not such a different country at all Sol. Your snapshot of Gillard holds true, all these years later. Perhaps she should have lingered on your words a little longer, reconsidered her ambitions, or addressed how she would adapt to and manage them. She didn't do either, alas.

    As for the media being to blame: no!

    It's long past the time when Gillard and Abbott - and the parties they lead - started taking responsibility for dumbing-down politics, for reducing their respective roles to childish, skittish game-playing. It's pathetic. It's insulting.

    The media can certainly be blamed for a shift in focus to entertainment. Our political coverage is akin to keeping up with the Kardashians than anything that could be taken seriously by anyone. (Even Michelle Grattan no longer makes serious comment about anything, it's all trite opinion.) Our journalists do not serve us well. That too is insulting, but our leaders are not the creation of the journalists!