July 17, 2011

Stop me if you've heard this one before

A Dalai Lama walks onto the set of a cooking show ...

Is it mandatory to call him "Your Holiness"?

Under the circumstances, I would have thought you could call him a dill, or whatever else you like.

(And shouldn't the show be called "MasterCook", not MasterChef?  Not that any of the current crop can cook.)

A Dalai Lama dilemma for MasterChef 

MasterChef Recap ... 


  1. MasterChef. What a confected crock of shit (pardon the pun). Why people volunteer themselves for public degradation to facillitate the roll of others in filthy lucre is beyond me.

    The overwrought and overweight Matt Preston is a self important fop and strikes me as a somewhat more literate Jabba the Hutt.

    Meanwhile, over at the SMH, noted scientists and Greenpeace sympathisers Neil Perry and Martin Boetz are lecturing all and sundry about genetically modified wheat. Seemingly the stuff glows in the dark and is set to destroy civilisation as we know it because it has "never been tested for safety".

    Do they really think that the wheat we consume nowadyas is the same "naturally occurring" wheat that has been tested "over thousands of years of being consumed"?? It, along with corn for example, bears little resemblance to grasses and corn we initally domesticated.

    Oops! There's a word, "domesticated". Just like our sheep and cattle: domesticated. Oh dear, they too have been altered. We have selcted - and thus altered - such for size, fat, wool, productiviy etc. It was carried out in the laboratory of genetic selection.

    Perhaps the pair would have us go back to more "naturally occuring" wheat crops decimated by "rust"?

    If there is a point to this is the ownership of such crops - and their seedstock - by the multinational Agribusinesses.

  2. Opps! Just noted the GM food thread. Perhaps you might want to cut and transfer?

    Then again, much discussion of Eretz Israel and its supporters on that thread...

  3. I thought you'd seen the other thread and were making a related point here Mike.

    Perhaps Neil Perry and Martin Boetz can tell us who destroyed the CSIRO GM field. (And STILL no media coverage of that event!)

    Yes, all the "natural" food and consumables, and domestic pets ... truly, people are idiots Mike, and ignorance, nowadays, is no excuse - the latter is willful and increasingly unforgivable.

    The Greens are not benign. The environmental brigade is not harmless. The global warming debate has nothing to do with science.

    On it goes.

    My genetically modified rose keeps chugging along, but not thriving. I keep hoping. (And I'm not even a little bit afraid of it, well, all except the thorns, which can be quite brutal.)

  4. geoffff9:15 PM

    Anybody would think it was me who raised the subject of Eretz Yisrael and its supporters on the other thread.

  5. Someone should speak to Anybody. Quite alarming what that person thinks at times.