July 15, 2011

Shy girl overly ambitious

Julia Gillard has made an emotional appeal for the Australian public to understand her, declaring she was ''the shy girl'' at school and finds it hard to show her feelings when she makes big decisions.
Since when did Australian's require our paid leaders to "show feelings" whenever they make "big decisions"?   As with everything, Gillard continues to read the landscape entirely wrong.
She also urged the media to be more discerning in its reporting of the carbon debate. ''Don't write crap. Can't be that hard,'' she said. ''And when you have written complete crap, then I think you should correct it.''
A quote just begging for the obvious retort.
In her speech, Ms Gillard said Australians wanted to know what kind of person she was. ''I'm a decision-maker by nature and I have tended to let the decisions speak for themselves.
We've seen the decisions, during her career, under Rudd, and as the Prime Minister, and yes, they do speak for themselves.  The more she speaks, the worse the decisions look.


  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Maybe the shy Bluey can get a few tips of this not so shy chick:


    Anyway I'm off to Russia, for a haircut, should be back in a few days I hope.

    That's if Geoff doesn't beat me to it.


  2. What can I say? You hit the nail on the head.

    She is a fish out of water...

    I don't care what anyone says, I think that we all become more understanding, empathetic and selfless when we have a child..

    Abbott can say.. that he wants to leave the world a better place for his children and grandchildren and people can relate to that..(even if he is a dickhead.. lol)

    How can people relate to Julia at all.

    Her work has been her life..Her life has been her work.. :(

  3. Solomon11:51 AM

    Julia and Tony were in my dreams last night: they were doing some kind of TV debate (by a river) and Julia kept getting more and more annoyed and eventually started dropping F-bombs. She ended by turning to the host and saying "Now I'm ready to answer any fucking question you like." I then realised it wasn't Julia and Tony at all but two impersonators in a comedy skit and I was disappointed: I wanted Jules to lose her cool and her artifice and start speaking as she might in private.

    I think I need a psychiatrist.

    I like Jules. I don't care about her creepy personal life with the hairdresser. I don't care if she does or doesn't have children.

    My new boss has a young child and I think it adds value to her personality: she's tough, firm, good at drawing boundaries but also playful and cheery. She's just what I - we - needed.

    On the other hand I think of Mark Latham in public life and his cult of parenthood. He wasn't particularly empathetic or selfless, rather, he became intensely territorial.

    Julia made a life-choice (or it simply happened regardless of her choices) and that is absolutely OK with me, if it were any of my business.

    Do we want a pregnant Prime Minister? I don't know, I guess I do.

    As to her policies, well, I can only think of two. The disastrous and macabre Malaysian non-solution (although she seems to have delegated this monstrosity entirely to Chris Bowen) and the carbon tax. Whatever the merits or demerits of the policy she has derailed it and her government by one soundbite.

    I want Penny Wong as the next Labor leader.

  4. "I want Penny Wong as the next Labor leader."

    So you're keen on childless women.

    How about all the childless Greenies?

    Not to mention defacto PM, Bob Brown, also barren. (All those wasted sperm.)

    When are you off to NZ?

    Glad you have a nice boss at present.

  5. Plenty of pollies tell "lies" - or change their minds. Every PM has done so.

    It's not the "lie", it's not the soundbite, but the media keep telling Joolya that's her only problem. It isn't.

    She turned on that commitment the second she had to form a minority gov't. She compounded one lie by continuing to lie - then and now - about the reason: without a carbon tax & ETS, the Greens would refuse to play ball. As always, Joolya's much lauded negotiation skills resulted in her caving like a limp lettuce and handing all power to Bob Brown.

    Much like preference deals with the Greens (worthless and damaging to the major parties), Gillard should have simply said "no". What power did Brown have over her, or the ALP? None. There was zero chance that he was going to run off and play with Abbott.

    Yes Sol, the "Malaysian solution" is appalling, shameful.

  6. Solomon1:42 PM

    NZ in October some time. No firm plans, but that's when I finish up at AIA. I've amassed about $20,000 in ill-gotten centrelink gains so that should keep me busy for a while, even if I can't convince the NZ government to keep paying my DSP.

    Child or no child I could not give a Finch's plume. I think Penny is much more persuasive and across the detail on climate change which gives her a lot more credibility than Julia. If we have to have this debate I'd rather she be at the head of it than a PM whose motives we're always having to doubt and question.

    No it's not the soundbite, it's that in the complete absence of anything of substance or value emanating from her office, the soundbite is making traction. And yes, it wasn't a lie just a policy shift in response to changed (political) circumstances, unless you accept that she had this planned out all along, which I don't.

    I can still recall Australians declaring that "All politicians lie" as a rationalisation for continuing to vote for Howard because they thought it was in their best interests. For whatever reason Gillard isn't being given the same lee-way. She just hasn't given us a reason to.

  7. Penny Wong has botched her role in the CO2 tax/wealth re-distribution: couldn't answer simple questions. Isn't she Minister for Finance these days?

    They might believe in themselves on the way up, but these professional politicians flub it once they get to the top. They have so little to offer, other than a sound understanding of party and political structures. That's it.

  8. How is the French girl? Will she still be around when you get back from NZ?

  9. Solomon3:59 PM

    Turns out French girl is with French boy. He's back in France now but so will she in a few months time. This is ok; I like them both a whole lot. If I look at it objectively and disregard my own, primarily sexual, agenda I can see it is the right thing. It's sweet, I hope it works out for them.

    My affection for her is perhaps more that she and I (and before he left, he) are comrades in arms. I've come to depend a lot on these sweet little AI people. Who would have thought?