July 25, 2011

More pot - kettle - black

The federal guv'ment is upset by alleged deceptions presented in anti-CO2 advertisements.

Before they complain, perhaps the gov'ment would give consideration to not wasting millions of our dollars on a political campaign about a policy that has not even been drafted, let alone presented to parliament.  That is campaigning, isn't it?  That's not an awareness campaign for any existing program, is it?

Before they complain, perhaps they'd also consider giving consideration to being truthful about CO2 - like it's not a pollution; and truthful about those beaut environmental industries - like the solar company featured in the ads, latest declared loss being more than $30M, despite massive government funding; and the rest of the initiatives featured in the ads being trivial, local endevours that will have zip affect on anything. 

This political campaign is being run much like every greenie campaign, most especially those run in Tasmania during the 80's and 90's that promised a land of plenty when all logging jobs would morph into tourism jobs (all those folk without a job would become bus drivers and tourist guides, right?).  Except that as then, so too now, one energy source is not entirely fungible for another energy source, and one job will not translate to an entirely different job for the newly unemployed person. 

It's all  "crap", as our deeply intellectual and great communicator of a Prime Minister might express it when asked a serious question.

Oh yeah, and Tasmania continues to have the lowest incomes in the country. 

Government hits back at "deceitful" carbon tax ads

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