July 8, 2011

Let's force a vote

Nine and Seven television networks bowed to pressure from the government to telecast Julia Gillard's address to the nation on Sunday evening, ensuring it will be covered on all the main commercial channels, as well as the ABC and SBS.
If this is a matter of such national interest that all free to air channels have been forced to agree to screening Joolya, surely a vote would be more appropriate, so that the nation can speak, instead of being spoken to. 
Treasury modelling to be released on Sunday will suggest that the carbon tax will increase prices by less than 1 per cent. This compares to a projected increase of 1.1 per cent over the first two years of Kevin Rudd's abandoned plan for an emissions trading scheme. The Age revealed yesterday that the carbon price would be $23 a tonne.
Phew! That's alright then.

Unfortunately, the cost of living will continue to increase by around 1.1% a day, but you'll only notice in your bills and on your shopping dockets.

Labor's clean power play

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