July 13, 2011

First Bloke

As Julia Gillard's shoe leather tour shifts into overdrive, Tim Mathieson has been left to his own devices. But the first bloke isn't the sort to just mope around The Lodge. The footy-loving former hairdresser recently played host to ex-Richmond poster-boy Geoff Raines. The pair go way back. Raines told Triple-M: "I haven't done Kirribilli, but I've done The Lodge. Julia was away too... He entertained me well. We looked after The Lodge and we did it in reasonable style."

Tony Abbott is in Melbourne where he visited the city's wholesale fish markets about 5am with wife Margie and daughters Bridget and Frances.

The fish markets.

At 5am in the middle winter.

Dragging his wife and daughters along.

Oh yeah, and 63 per cent of respondents to a Gallaxy Poll want an early election.

Alarm clocks and shoe leather will not save the Federal ALP. 

c/o The Australian


  1. Jacob3:17 PM

    If only more people would vote for an early election.

  2. I've voted 12 times already, and that was only today.

    Problem is, whenever the next election is held, there's no one I want to vote for.

  3. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Ah common folks, let's face it, whether we like it or not Bluey Gillard is the best fucking PM this grand Nation has ever had.

    Oooops, I meant to say the best fucking female PM...


  4. Anonymous10:23 PM

    I've voted 12 times already, and that was only today.

    I did that at the last election - all informal.


  5. "I meant to say the best fucking female PM..."

    First, best and last.

    How did the Russian haircut go Justin?

  6. Anonymous2:33 PM

    The 100 roubles were counterfeit and the jeans don't fit - other than that the adventure was bloody horrific.

    I'll never have another haircut - some fantasies are best kept as fantasies.