July 15, 2011

Duck Friday


  1. Ahha! Can't fool me..It's Julia Gillard.. Two faced!

  2. Finally solved the problem Caz. I can sign in to blogger (for your blog) if I use Mozilla Firefox which I know is the browser that you use. Weird.

    I only had this problem on your blog. I can still get into other blogger blogs on internet explorer.. Just not yours. :D

  3. Four-faced, at minimum (fixed the pic!)

    Hmm - MS explorer evil, Firefox good?

    Friggin' weird, shouldn't make any difference, but do have to be signed-in to google, no matter which browser.

    Back to Joolya: I actually think she has only one face, and it's the same wooden one that we've seen all along. The "real" Julia is what we see. There's not some better Julia lurking behind the scenes.

  4. She DOES have one face, I agree. See my comment on your latest post about her.