July 1, 2011

Duck Friday


  1. Awwwwww....

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Lovely heartwarming pic.. Notice the cute little fella having a snooze.. Hacking your way out of an egg has gotta be one tough gig.. :D


  3. Mum has a face only a duckling could love.

  4. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Are they old enough to eat yet?


  5. geoffff9:04 AM

    The big emerging issue around here is coal seam gas drilling.

    I find it so hard to take a stand on this kind of thing. It's not that I'm without civic solicitude. It's just that I can't make up my name which side I'm on.

    On the one hand we have huge usually foreign owned companies encroaching on suburban neighbourhoods and prime farmland to tear out finite resources without regard to the amenity of the land or the welfare of the population and without even a hint of paying appropriate levels of taxation in the national interest.

    On the other hand it really gets up the noses of the Greens.

    What to do? I'm terribly conflicted. I feel like the robot in "Lost in Space".

  6. In an interview yesterday, new Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, when quizzed on Saint Bob's penchant for a one world government, noted that Bob had, in his maiden speech (back in 1995 or 96), dwelt on the matter of global warming - and so it came to pass.

    Ipso facto, Bob is the messiah, and if he says there will be a single world government, then so it shall be.

    No need to be conflicted Geoff. Through all your intellect and emotion behind anything that is the opposite of what the Greens support.

    See, doesn't that feel better?

  7. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Which begs the question.. What the fuck has this all to do with a duck?


  8. Anonymous9:25 PM

    What the fuck has this all to do with a duck?

    About as much as this Kath:



    A revoked and dictatorial government that doesn’t represent the people of this country has just passed bills (Midterm Agreement, Implementation law) to sell up greek public property and land, against the will of the vast majority of the people.

    We inform those who look forward to an investing opportunity that we will, in a very short time, overthrow this government and all responsible will answer for their crimes against the people and the country. Their bills and signatures are not valid. They have not been validated by the Greek people and they will not be recognized by the people.

    We warn any investor not to even think of coming near an auction or sale of our public property or land and furthermore not to purchase them. When we will regain the sovereignty of our country, they will lose whatever they purchased, and the money they paid in that illegal transaction will not be refunded.

    Moreover we warn them that until we regain control of the country, in the process of defending our rights, as they are mentioned in the Greek Constitution and in the internationally recognized Peoples’ Rights, we will proceed to all necessary actions (through our self-organization) to annul and sabotage their investment

    No prospective investor should, therefore, dare to go on with any bargain shopping of public property and land in Greece, unless they realize the high risk of their investment. In this case, their investment will be “welcomed” in the country where any time someone takes away the freedom of the people, someone like Kanaris1 is born or a bridge is blown up, like that over Gorgopotamos2 river.

    The People’s Assembly Syntagma 3/7/2011

  9. Mum has a face only a duckling could love.

    Mum's just finished the last cask. Shortly she's about to stumble over them in search of another. The duckling looking forward may just escape...

    ...without even a hint of paying appropriate levels of taxation in the national interest.

    Oh dear. Another agreement.

    And, might I add, without even the hint of a Prime Minister (or alternative) with the guts to take the bastards on. To bastardise Monty Python: "Fiddle away and fuddle the Feds."

  10. geoffff1:27 AM

    What duck?