July 8, 2011

$4Billion to implement the carbon tax

The government has dramatically slashed the number of companies hit by its carbon tax from 1000 to about 500, in a scheme expected to have a $23 a tonne starting carbon price.

But the cost of the plan, which was to be broadly revenue neutral, has blown out to about $4 billion over four years from its start on July 1 next year. Most of the extra costs come upfront, from implementing the scheme.
It's costs an awful fucking lot to implement a carbon emissions tax 


  1. The government has totally "lost it" and fails to move left, right or centre without asking a focus group first. Gillard has deposited her "guts" in some repositry for the time being and Tony has learned and practised only the one word... "No!" His acumen is displayed by his stupid calls for a plebiscite that he has already stated he would ignore if it did not furnish an answer in line with his supposed "thinking".

    Gillard is finished and she may as well simply go ahead and do what principle - if any remains - dictates. It can't make the result in a year and a half any different and she may achieve something.

  2. Wealth redistribution by stealth, as I've repeated numerous times.

    Some will be "over-compensated" - interesting notion, which remains entirely unquestioned by the fourth estate.

    We will be the only country in the world with an economy-wide carbon tax, and in 2015, the only country with an economy-wide ETS.

    22 million people leading seven billion.

    We'll see how that works out.

  3. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Wisdom on a sunny Sunday:

    “Anyone who isn’t confused really doesn’t understand the situation.”

    Edward R. Murrow

    You know when Bluey Gillard crossed the line and became PM, I thought to meself: at least Abbot didn't make it.

    Now I couldn't give a rats.

    I haven't spoken (politically) to anyone in yonks who thinks Bluey is up to it.

    Silly buggers must be regretting giving Rudd the arse.


  4. Solomon6:19 PM

    I'm just relieved to see Julia announce a policy. She should do so more often.

  5. She's only planning on one a year Sol, in the hope of minimising the damage she does.

    How have you been?

  6. Solomon7:20 PM

    I'm well. 3 more months and my tour of duty is done. I think I've built up my own Tamil Eelam in Curtin IDC. They ask for me by name now. Every day brings new problems but I'm starting to find solutions.

    From here to NZ and then from there to who-knows-where. Then back to school to become a lawyer after all of that. I've got a crush on a French girl but I have no claim on her.