June 9, 2011

Traditional killing season for pollies

The recent round of pointless polling has led the SMH to conclude that a year of Julia Gillard has made not a jot of difference to the federal ALP's primary vote, nor to the popularity of the ALP PM, which remains abysmal.  True enough, but not true to suggest that the debacle of the last 12 months has made no difference at all.  Odds are fairly good that one K.Rudd would not have been fluffing about and negotiating away his ideological soul in a minority government, and possibly would not have lost the senate majority. 

Gillard made the ultimate sacrifice (knifing Rudd and making herself PM) for the good of the country.  She need not have bothered.

Far more exciting than re-stating the obvious (ad nausea), The Australian brings us a startling assertion:
In recent internal discussions, backbenchers have set December - the traditional killing season for political leaders - as the first timeline for any move against her, with the default position being early in the New Year. 
There's a traditional killing season for pollies - and it's December? 

Someone forgot to tell Julia.

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