June 16, 2011

Collingwood Membership Application


  1. geoffff10:31 PM

    My old dad who has an expert eye for this sort of thing is predicting a Carlton v Collingwood grand final.

    There will blood in the streets. And that's just around here.

  2. That's been plagiarised from the Liberal Party Application form which was, in turn, copied from the ALP's.

    Someone should be sued.

  3. The ALP no doubt nicked it from somewhere else.

    And yet, it best suits Collingwood AFL, don't you think?

  4. Geoff - your Dad doesn't think Geelong might have a shot?

    He's probably right about Collingwood, but I don't think Carlton will get there.

  5. geoffff1:22 PM

    Caz, I was able to pass on your question last night to the great guru himself just after Collingwood struggled to scrape home against Sydney.

    His answer? Geelong have a good team and are definitely the team to beat. Right now they probably have the better team but he still thinks Carlton will go through to the Grand Final. Two reasons:

    One. Carlton is improving. The momentum is with them.

    Two. He's a fanatical Carlton supporter.

    So he reckons Carlton has the better chance of fronting Collingwood for the flag. Mind you, not even he's prepared to say they'll beat them.

  6. True enough, we (Geelong) are not improving (still can't kick straight after all these years), but we've yet to lose either. Not convinced that we'd stumble to a win if playing Collingwood - or anyone - in a grand final though.