May 27, 2011

Duck Friday

Portrait of Many Ducks:  by Father Park


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Resting between a rock and a soft place.


  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    If only I had a gun. :)


  3. Rock and a wet place, Justin.

    Step away from the ducks Kath!

  4. Solomon11:30 PM

    I think I have the hiccups + alcoholism. I wish digital rectal massage would cure them both.

  5. Might not cure them, but as a combination, might have seriously interesting results. If undertaken while leaning against a washing machine in progress, all the better, I would suggest.

  6. Solomon11:51 PM

    I wish I lived inside a washing machine.

  7. geoffff1:06 AM

    This blog is getting seriously bizarre. Thought I should mention that in case anyone hadn't noticed.

  8. Solomon8:57 AM

  9. So, I gather not a service you render in your day to day working life Geoff?

    (Quite understand, can't say I'd ever look forward to going to work if it involved the giving of digital rectal massage.

    Or pulling hair out of anyone's genital area, for that matter.)

    "Seriously bizarre" - you think so, really?

    I hadn't noticed a thing.

  10. Solomon4:50 PM

    Must be a simpler way to stimulate my Vegas nerve.

  11. I'm sure there are easier ways to cure hiccups too.

  12. Solomon11:11 AM

    I'm comfortable with the choices I've made.

  13. Anonymous5:15 PM

    iJustin quite often gets the hiccups after a few beers. In fact I've just had a few beers, but today I don't have the hiccups, which is good - but trying to type with one hand is a little bit hard.


  14. I'm in complete agreement with Geoff (!): the bizarreness of this blog grows apace.

    The two rear ducks (excuse the obvious) have clearly experienced digital rectal massage. Walls of any kind are a godsend...

  15. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Brizarre is as brizarre does - seriously.

    And this is where you'll find some brizarres.


  16. I must ask, is there to be a public lynching of Carbon Cate?

    I'd like to say something in her defence before the noose is tightened and the trapdoor sprung.

    Like mining bosses such as Gina Rinehart, her massive carbon footprint creates a lot of employment, such as on movie lots and locations and catering enterprises and in cinema multiplexes around the world.

    Can we not instead commute her sentence to a year or two in the gulag of public opprobrium?

    The chances of her reoffending are probably quite high, but then she did do such a splendid job as 'Elizabeth'.

  17. geoffff8:44 AM

    This is not the only regrettable meeting of minds. Thanks to you I have developed a mild interest in ancient warfare. I have just watched a History Channel doco on siege towers. This suggests something about me that I for one would prefer not to have known.

    Thanks again.

    I'd leave Cate alone. But I'm prejudiced. I like her too much.

  18. Sure, sure, we'll spare Carbon Cate, if it will make you guys happy.

    I still want someone to explain the connection between the "carbon" and blue sunny skies, the latter of which we already have, and some pollution belching enterprise in Britain that was shut down a decade or so ago.

    If your Cate insists on appearing in ads, no matter the depth of her sincerity, surely she should choose to step away from anything comprised of a mishmash of lies and unrelated nonsense.

  19. Jacob6:51 AM

    Yes, the ad is crap. Never mind the stylized Battersea Power Station imagery, I want to know from which solar sytem they got that styrofoam sun with the radiating plastic tendril thingies. They should have taken a leaf out of other advertisers' books with depictions more grounded in reality.

    Surely 30 seconds would have been ample to recapitulate 'the science'. That would really have engaged audiences.

  20. Justin - nothing bizzare about gold fish. All perfectly normal.

    Jacob - I know they did it on the cheap, but seriously - *rolls eyes* - it's soooo embarrassing. And the vacuous slogan "say yes to ..." - what the hell are we supposed to do with that?

  21. Perhaps it's vacuously harking after Obama's "Yes We Can" vacuity. Frankly I dunno what they were thinking.

    Possibly Jackie Kelly was right on QA Monday night: The CT is dead in the water and nothing can sell it.

    It's pretty certain that this won't. The only people it would convince were pretty much already convinced.