April 23, 2011

French riot police tetchy at tipple ban

French riot police are threatening to strike over not being permitted to drink on the job, something they've been allowed to do, oddly enough, up until now.

A glass of wine, beer or cider - but not spirits - was always permitted with lunch, including while on duty. Even packed lunches provided out of riot vans came with a can of beer or glass of wine.
Previously very happy in their jobs (and who wouldn't be?), the members fo the Compagnies Republicaines de Securite are outraged at the decree that they may no longer partake of alcohol while at work.

The union has noted that a drink with lunch is in line with French labor laws.

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  1. geoffff5:52 PM

    It is fascinating for me that even in the worst of the carnage of the first world war the French army was able to supply its troops with a daily ration of cheap wine (pinard). This started out at one quarter of a litre and increased to half in 1915 and then three quarters by 1916.

    At its peak the French army had over 3.5 million men in that war. Think of the logistics involved. If they could get rations and ammo to the men in the line then they got wine. They also supplied allied troops on the western front, including Australians, when they could.

  2. Now all you've done is remind us that, once upon a time - not so long ago - even in times of war, men could still get their priorities right, Geoff.

    Not nowadays.

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM

    You know, if they forget about the ammo and concentrated on the piss then war could be a whole lot of fun.


  4. Or at least a whole lot fewer in the body count, Justin.

    Far fewer fighting men would ever die from alcohol poisoning than from bullets or bombs.