April 1, 2011

Duck Friday


  1. That duck is just not doin' it for me today.:(

  2. geoff2:44 PM

    There's no real polite way of saying this but has anyone else noticed the Friday ducks here lately getting a little ... well ... pedestrian?

    Take this duck for example. I mean there's nothing wrong with this duck as such, and one hates to sound like complaining on a free blog and all ... but it is grey and grounded and not at all ready to be served pretty much anywhere. So where are the soaring colourful ducks of yesteryear? Or at least a decent sauce recipe?

  3. geoff3:28 PM

    Of course. [slaps forehead]. This is an april fool duck.

  4. A big fat duck, proud as punch, a fine sunny day, a glorious lush lawn all to himself ... what's not to like?!

  5. geoff4:41 PM

    This morning I bought the SMH for the first time in many years. I stopped buying it when the risk of encountering a journalist I truly despised became unacceptable. People like McGeough, Carlton, Fisk ...

    Life's too short.

    I bought it on impulse. We had just ordered the excellent eggs benedict spinach in one of the rightly well regarded little outside cafes in my dear little beach town and there must have been something in the salt air. I got up and walked into the newsagent and bought a copy with hard cash. $2.50.

    The paper has changed a lot in structure since I last saw it. Haven't we all? But I had already read most of the Australian as usual and was struck by the difference especially on editorial emphasis.

    Markedly, the Australian leads with the Greens "split" story. Front page headline and extensive article with backup analysis from Sheridan and Shanahan and comment from Danby and others and quotes from Rudd, Hawke, Abbott, Howard ... and a response from senator elect and chief watermelon Lee Rhiananon denying she is a watermelon and can hug trees with the best of them. Look at all this stuff.


    Now the SMH.

    In the printed edition on page 4 there is a small article by state politics reporter Josehine Tovey reporting that the Greens are getting close to claiming victory in Balmain. At the end she comments on the Greens loss in Marrickville and says

    "Senator Brown yesterday reiteratd his disapproval of the NSW Greens support for the "Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions" campaign against Israel, saying voters want to hear about day to day issues.

    " 'It was a mistake,' he said.

    " 'I reiterate that the policy [Lee Rhiannon] and the NSW Greens had to the run to the NSW election was wrong emphasis.' "

    And that's it. There's not even that in the online SMH that I can find because the news has been updated that the Greens have won Balmain and Marrickville is old news not worth fish and chips wrap. Otherwise I would have linked it.

  6. They won the seats?

    Good grief ...

    In fairness to the SMH, do you ever partake of the Herald Sun, other than the odd bit of Bolt?

    Makes the SMH look like literature and a gathering of philosophical minds.

  7. I don't read Bolt unless there's some reason. I don't often look at the HS but I read fewer papers than ever these days. I would not even have particularly associated Bolt with the Herald Sun.

    That's a pretty good wrap. I'll have to look out for it.

  8. I'm particularly fond of the HS for the way they maintain constant vigil in relation to the treatment of prisoners:

    - *outrage* - prisoners given free dental care!
    - *outrage* - prisoners given hot meal on Xmas day!
    - *outrage* - prisoners given coca cola!
    - *outrage* - prisoners allowed to watch Master Chef!
    - *outrage* - prisoners get surgery ahead of pensioners!

    And on it goes.

  9. geoff7:33 AM

    Prisoners made to watch Master Chef? That is an outrage. Isn't depriving them of their freedom enough?

  10. Isn't depriving them of their freedom enough?

    Never enough. And the HS's devotion to all things prisoner-related ("living in five star hotels - luxury, luxury!")is heartwarming.