April 17, 2011

Be alarmed, Julia is coming

Julia "alarm clocks" Gillard is determined that every poor sod in Australia drag their arses out of bed early in the morning to get up and do something.

Lots of us are no good lazy little clots leaching off other taxpayers.

With a seemingly intractably low level of unemployment, Gillard is seething about the number of people who aren't "pulling their weight".

The woman is obsessed with everyone having to be out of bed and doing stuff for money, and people with disabilities that prevent them from working will allegedly be a major target in the federal budget next month.

The Prime Minister likes to call it "The Dignity of Work".  I think it's a bit of a laugh that the red headed Marxist is determined that every person be out of bed early, contributing to the profits of the capitalist rulers. 

Yes, you've gotta laugh at this PM, at this Labor government. 

It's only another two years or so of putting up with this tosh, isn't it? 

By then, even I will welcome Tony or Malcolm - I will vote for either of them as often as I can, when the day comes.

PM takes aim at welfare


  1. Solomon2:41 PM

    "Her speech... strongly reinforced her message that the May 10 budget will contain major reforms, with ministers looking at ways to reduce the number of people on the disability support pension."

    Uh, such as?

    All I kind find in her speech is something about: "tighter eligibility and smarter employment services for adults with some disability." And I'm not sure from the wording if this is something she claims she has done or will do.

    But ok in what sense will the employment services be 'smarter'? Will there be more of them? Won't that involve 'spending'? Is that spending going to be off-set by the money saved by not having to pay people a DSP? Or should we just do it anyway because it is the right thing to do?


    "Some need practical help to overcome ill-health or meet family responsibilities."

    Great, practical help. Such as? What are you going to do that you haven't already?

    She quotes Curtin: "Men are fighting for Australia today. Those who are not fighting have no excuse for not working."

    Fuck yoooouuuuu.

    "Our strong economy gives us a real chance to create opportunity from the cradle to the grave."

    Oh dear. I too am sick of those dole-bludging babies. Stop nursing and knit me a sweater with your little baby hands.

    I am quite fond of my disability support pension. I was hospitalised three times before I even bothered to apply. I seem to recall it was difficult to obtain, although being psychotic I didn't personally have to do anything except be psychotic. Centrelink didn't accept that I was an Australian citizen even though they sighted my Australian passport and I had to get confirmation from DIAC that I was a citizen. Yea, efficient use of resources, dipshits.

    To date no-one has ever asked me to report to centrelink. No-one has asked that my situation be re-assessed or offered me any employment services. This suits me fine but from what I can see from my own experience is that the government is doing absolutely nothing for me to help me get off welfare. I expect my file is sitting in someone's filing cabinet, unloved and collecting dust. Despite these mutterings from Gillard I doubt that anything will change in the near future.

    Sure, I could probably find a paying job if I started looking for one. But right now there are all kinds of reasons why my non-paying job is better for me. There's more flexibility if I need to take time off or just want to take a longer lunch break. It involves work tied to my skills and expertise and involves work that I believe in and think worthwhile. My friends are there. Which are all positives in terms of my mental health. It will improve my job prospects and demonstrate, if nothing else, that I am capable of working 9-5 for an extended period, something I needed to convince myself of first before I could convince an employer.

    If Gillard wants me to "pull my weight" she should pull hers. If Centrelink bothers to call me or write me a letter then fine, we can talk. Otherwise I'm happy for them to just leave me the hell alone.

  2. I take a great deal of comfort that my taxes are contributing to your upkeep and your extremely sensible approach to establishing your confidence and credentials in the world of work Sol.

    No one at Centrelink or the job centre things (what do they call them now?) would support or understand the value of all of the steps you've taken.

    Will revisit topic ... over Easter, too much work btw now and then to address other points.

  3. Sol - btw - a little while back you argued that safety fences on bridges were a waste of time.

    The number of suicides from the West Gate Bridge has been reduced by 85 per cent since a temporary safety barrier was installed.

    In the two years 2009 to 2011 five people died, compared to 33 in the two years prior, when there was no safety barrier.

    In a recent case, Coroner Paresa Spanos pointed to the report's results, noting there had been no apparent shift to alternative suicide locations in Victoria.