March 27, 2011

Yes - it's your job!

I really hate politicians who insist they will "govern for all the people", meaning, even the ones who didn't vote for the winning party.

Guess what you morons:  it's your fucking job to govern for all, it's a given once you win - you have no choice!  You won, you got the gig, ipso facto, you will govern for all, for better or worse.

There isn't some parallel universe where citizens can go to live for four years and be governed by someone else.  Likewise, you don't get to sequester the people who didn't vote for you. 

NSW election - Barry O'Farrell trots out the usual winners drivel 

Kristina resigns as leader of ALP


  1. geoff3:10 PM

    This is a most important election. It's looking good but it's not over yet. It's too close for comfort but it not too soon to hope that Carmel has pulled off an heroic victory for the ALP despite the odds.

    I am of course referring to the contest in the inner Sydney seat of Marrickville where former Deputy Premier Carmel Tebbut looks like she has beaten off a particularly obnoxious Greens candidate that grubby Greens everywhere were looking for inspiration. Cop that, you addled-brained fuck heads.

    It's also looking good that the slime has been kept out of Balmain where a less malign but still completely nutty candidate for the same party fancied its chances. (After a while I can't remember whether the ratbags are male or female -- that's a good thing, right?)

    The funniest twist of the lot would be if the Liberal candidate got up in the basket weaver capital of Balmain, as a result of the optional preferential system I guess. Can imagine the scene in some of those pubs and coffee shops in Darling St today? I may have to visit Sydney to see this.

  2. Solomon7:54 PM

    I kind of took comfort when he said that he would govern for all no matter 'what your lifestyle'. That is if I could believe him.

  3. The Greens and independents continue to be slow to understand that when voters have genuine choice between policies and philosophies, they stick like barnacles to the major parties.

    NSW only had six randoms, now, as I understand the early figures, only three.

    I share your glee (or would that be Gleeb?) that the Greens have done poorly, Geoff.

    The repulsive Hanson, on the other hand, has some chance of winning a senate seat.