December 22, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom

There go the people - I must follow them, for I am their leader.

Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin


  1. Wishing a very happy Christmas and New Year to you and your readers, Caz, and 'specially to you and yours.

    And a prayer for Kath's forgiveness -- yes, I'm a boor (and a bore)... but I wouldn't have me any other way. Anyway, it's academic because I'm stuck with me.

    Felice Navidad.

  2. Thank you Jacob, ditto and likewise. Thinking of you and your family, warmest and best wishes.

    Kath has a big heart Jacob, I'm sure she'll forgive you. Got her hands full during the school hols, a lot on her mind. Our prayers for her ... please god, give her continued strength and a decent bottle of bubbly.

    And yes, to all the readers too, most especially the observers, of which there are a remarkable number - hey folks, thanks for stopping by so often, happy Xmas!!