December 1, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom

It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this.

Bertrand Russell


  1. Solomon7:30 PM

    I find most of my time with others is spent trying to keep a straight face. Tomorrow (for some reason, not wholly unpleasant) I am going to a Korn concert with David Hicks' wife. I've become so left-wing its almost erotic.

  2. Oh god, what have they done to you Sol?

    You know the left don't *do* erotic - at all?

    (Is if frozen or fresh Korn in concert? Whatever the case, be a gentleman and take extra serviettes.)

  3. Solomon11:03 PM

    Oh what haven't they done to me after all these years?

    Definitely stale. A group can't convert to Christianity and still be hardcore. But hey, none of that matters.

  4. I hope it's an enjoyable day Sol, notwithstanding the soggy Korn. Although one doesn't want hard Korn in any case (it goes straight through, undigested.)

  5. Solomon1:21 AM

    It was fun. Korn is an impressive live act in a loud-noise-bright-lights kind of way. Met what's-his-name. Kind of cute, they actually say "Gitmo".

  6. "Gitmo" - you're really on the inside of things now Sol. Kinda freaky.

    (None of them can pronounce Guantanamo properly, or maybe it's just the way that Aussies like to abbreviate everything ... or make it longer if it's already short.)

    Glad it was fun.

    Dare not ask how you got in with this crowd, not as though they have boat numbers.

  7. Solomon5:52 PM

    Actually Gitmo is an American expression, which I know from "A few good men."

    In fact Gitmo boy's wife is my boss. Going to a heavy metal concert with your boss is weird enough as it is, but hey. He didn't stay for Korn, merely dropped us off and picked us up. Even invited me to sleep on his couch, the darling.

    It feels like I'm on the inside but perhaps I'm on the extreme outside.

  8. I've seen the film often enough (too many times, now that I think of it), but don't recall hearing the term.

    Yes: I didn't make any suggestions about the inside of what. :-)

    She's a lawyer then? I had read about the marriage, but don't remember reading that she was a lawyer.

  9. Solomon6:20 PM

    No she's got a background in social work, psychology etc. A masters in human rights and/or something else. I did ask her but I forget the details. According to the Australian she's enrolled in something called "peace and conflict" studies. Used to work with AI with torture issues in some area that no longer exists.

    AI doesn't give legal advice, so it isn't necessary that she be a lawyer, though there are lawyers and law students involved with the refugee team. The ultra-super-boss is refugee co-ordinator Dr. Graham Thom. I don't know precisely what his background is, but I don't think he is a lawyer either.