December 9, 2010

Vote Now: Julian Assange – Person of the Year

Recent events have resulted in a nice bump in votes for Julian Assange as Time’s 2010 person of the year.

There’s no point getting carried away about the online count, since the editors reserve the right to choose whoever they wish, with no reference to the popular vote.  Apart from that, the winner is announced next Wednesday, so the cover had no doubt already gone to press, under tight security, of course.

Dumb and embarrassing juxtaposition:

- Julian Assange currently ranked one
- Lady Gaga currently ranked three.

 (*Collective rolling of eyes*)

Vote here …. it’s not a vote by radio button; you slide the ruler along, however far you choose.  I’d suggest slide it straight to 100, or thereabouts.

And while we’re getting into symbolic gestures, because that’s about all any of us can contribute (unless you're a hacker extraordinaire), and because sometimes the gesture does matter, sign the online petition to the American government (as highlighted by Jacob earlier today):

Petition US Government here ... 

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