December 27, 2010

Trophy photo of naked Assange

Oh, wouldn't it be fun if the "trophy photo" of Julian Assange, taken by one of his alleged sexual assault victims, was leaked?

If the photo exists, perhaps she's holding out for a nice big cheque some way down the track.

Or not ... the women are claiming they're not pawns, do not want money, but simply want justice for violation of their "sexual integrity" ... here.  (Sorry ladies, but taking trophy photo's, holding dinner parties in Assange's honor and insisting that he stay in your home, despite other offers of accommodation being available to him - all of this and more, after the violation of one's sexual integrity - is not going to play well in a court room.)

The now familiar details of Assange's sexual encounters with the two women continue to be regurgitated ... here.

Assange must be in urgent need of money, what with the Bank of America, PayPal, Visa and Mastercard becoming social and moral arbiters, and cutting off his life support - that and a few legal bills.  He has a $1.5M book deal, which includes a publisher in the US and in Britain ... here


  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Watch this and observe a former homeland security adviser either display absolute ignorance or absolute deceipt.

    As she was a former assistant DA in Brooklyn one would have to go for the latter - fucking lying government stooge.

    Anyway she got put in her place albeit politely - I would have just called her a fucking liar and be done with it.


  2. The interviewer also displayed high level of ignorance or deliberate deceit Justin.

    The meme that his *goal* is to embarrass the US gov't is beginning to piss me off. Everyone is forgetting the long list of exposures over the last four years. Finance in Iceland. Baby formula in China.

    Her assertion that he should be prepared to go to jail for his "beliefs, like other revolutionaries" is a grossly manipulative ploy - ie, manipulating the audience.

    Hardly what you'd call objective journalism.

    And yes, he DID go to the US gov't and ASKED them to redact the cables - THEY DECLINED.

    Kar-rist. Glad I don't have to watch the US daily news Justin, I'd be walking around in a perpetual state of fury. They're disturbingly good at pushing a tainted agenda. (They put the spin of our local journalists to shame! I guess we should be grateful for that.)

  3. The guy was very good at putting the Assange case. Highly articulate, sharp, quick on his feet.