December 9, 2010

Not protected now Arbib

FEDERAL minister and right-wing Labor powerbroker Mark Arbib has been revealed as a confidential contact of the United States embassy in Canberra, providing inside information and commentary for Washington on the workings of the Australian government and the Labor Party.
Secret US embassy cables obtained by WikiLeaks and made available exclusively to The Age reveal that Senator Arbib, one of the architects of Kevin Rudd's removal as prime minister, has been in regular contact with US embassy officers.
His candid comments have been incorporated into reports to Washington with repeated requests that his identity as a ''protected'' source be guarded.
"He understands the importance of supporting a vibrant relationship with the US while not being too deferential. We have found him personable, confident and articulate,'' an embassy profile on Senator Arbib written in July 2009 says. "He has met with us repeatedly throughout his political rise.''
Other Labor politicians reported in US embassy cables as regular contacts include former federal MP and minister Bob McMullan and Michael Danby, the Labor member for Melbourne Ports.
Senator Mark Arbib – secret dibber dobber to the US


  1. I think the ship has already sailed on the "making Assange a martyr" Jacob. The powers-that-be have no one to blame but themselves.

    On Gillard: I don’t think Turnbull is saying anything that the average person hadn’t already worked out … even on this little blog.

    Thing is, she’s embarrassingly out of her depth on everything. She has flailed and floundered about since taking over the ALP leadership, and becoming PM. Yet – and this is important – she has spent her entire life working her way to this role: she doesn’t get to claim she’s new in the job, or settling in. She has had 30 years of preparation, and she’s damned near useless, other than at negotiating and brokering deals that compromise the crap out of any and all principles or policies.

    If the ALP stood for very little under Rudd, they stand for nothing whatsoever now. Forget a cohesive narrative, we don’t even have occasional plot points.

    It does beggar belief that Gillard’s life work has amounted to nought.

    I’ve never understood why fair dismissal laws were extended to six months. What you see in the first three weeks, and certainly the first two months, is what you get - there’s no change or improvement from then on. I doubt that it’s any different for Prime Ministers, which is why Gillard only held onto the election by her broken finger nails: we’d already seen the best she had to offer, and it wasn’t much chop.

    Of course, the same is true of Abbott; we’ve seen the best he has to offer as well, and the mad monk is intact.

  2. Jacob – yes, Bolt and Blair, and their tribe of me-too devotees must be going bonkers figuring out which way to jump. Damned funny.

    I've also realised that my Blackberry might be responsible for the vanishing comments ... such as the one to which I am replying right now, but isn't on the thread.

    Technologically, don't know how or why the Blackberry could possibly affect the blog comments, but right now, it's the best theory I have.

  3. Jacob9:58 PM

    Oh my word, Caz, this talking-to-herself-on-her-own-blog could be used in some future campaign to SILENCE you.

    I can already read the headline at Blair's: BLACKBERRY BLAMED

  4. And yeah, I'm profoundly disappointed with our first female PM (not that I'm sexist, ok?).

    And what, indeed, does Labor stand for now? Or for the last 20 years or so...?

    I was serious in that mythical comment you've been responding to -- I just might vote for a Turnball Government!!! (Don't tell Harry, I like to piss him off with my rusted-on-Laborite routine.)

  5. "I can already read the headline at Blair's: BLACKBERRY BLAMED"

    Hey buddy, you got a better suggestion, I'll use it!

    Note that I did not delete your last two comments on the accused Blackberry, and behold, they appear on this little bloggie.

    Did Turnbull (in consultation with his wife, of course), learn anything while he swooned about like a skitish school girl deciding on a first kiss?

    Yes I'm in, no I'm not, yes I want to be PM, no I don't even want to be in politics (afters several entire years), yes I'm leadership material, no I'm just a dithering prat.

    Did he work it all out, in the privacy of his own mind before he re-nominated himself for pre-selection?

    Time will tell Jacob.

    It will be bloody, perhaps, when he knifes Abbott.

    Let's hope he also figured out how to count accurately. We know what happened the last time the Libs had a leadership vote.

  6. "It will be bloody, perhaps, when he knifes Abbott."

    Let's hope it's all sorted before they embark on their first term of government. Mid-term knifings are sooo Labor.

  7. No joke: timing will matter enormously, and opportunity. Abbott is the mad hatter who nearly got to stage his tea party, which makes him a legend, to the old hands, not to mention those who gained seats - supposedley - because of him.

    Bumping the mad monk who nearly did isn't going to be as difficult or ugly as the bumping of Rudd, but Turnbull will sure as shit need to pick the right fight and the right moment.

    Oh yeah, and he needs to do it LONG before the election, so that everyone can get to know the "real" Malcolm, before the event. No holograms. No papermache.