December 3, 2010

Here’s hoping!

Contingent on analysis of climate data for the final quarter of the year, the United Nations weather agency says 2010 is almost certain'' to rank as one of the hottest three years ever while the past decade is already the warmest period since climate data began in 1850.

Fingers crossed!

The "top" (as opposed to the bottom?) weather agency said that sea and land surface air temperatures for 2010 are currently estimated at 0.55C above the 1961-1990 annual average.

Which means it has taken sixty years for average air temperatures to rise by half a degree. Imagine how hideously unbearable Earth will be by 2070 if climate change continues at this rampant rate!

The declaration (or not) of “hottest three years ever!!!” will be based on 160 years of climate data, representing approximately 0.0000033% of Earth’s time span*. 

The declaration (or not) will be issued with much whooping by the UN "weather" agency, who will take great care to state that rather than presenting statements about "weather data", they have analyzed and determined "climate data" trends.  

Weather, climate, extreme events - shouldn't they be congruent in what they think they're doing and what they're actually doing.  Anyone would think it was a mere game of rhetoric; extreme upmanship in weasel words.

* With billions represented with nine zero’s, as is the US and scientific community custom (versus the rest of the world, which uses 12 zeros when representing billions, ie, bi – times two, ditto tri – times three …).

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