December 31, 2010

Duck Friday


  1. A New Year Duck: all silvered up and with a bottle to boot! Wouldn't last long 'round the Sydney Harbour Bridge tonight: roast New Year duck.

    Happy New Year Caz.

  2. I'll take the bottle and you can keep your duck, Caz! ;)

  3. And a very happy 2011 to you too Bertie, hope it's a good one, and a good decade!

    You can have the bottle Kath; I have a few bigger ones tucked away in a fridge ...

  4. A few bottles tucked away in the fridge, eh Caz..

    Well, I have a few bottles tucked away in a rack, about 100 I reckon.

    Should keep me going for the next few months .. :D


  5. Mine will keep me going for about the next six months Kath.

    I'm a very cheap date.