December 24, 2010

Duck Friday


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    The Duck Xmas Prayer:

    Dear god thanks for all the cool chrissie clobber,
    And thank Christ we ain't turkeys.



  2. Solomon11:00 AM

    Have a holly-jolly Xmas.

  3. Hee hee, hee hee.

    That's a nicely ad libbed poem Justin.

    Good for us all to be reminded to be grateful that we're not naked and we're not turkeys.

    Try to keep out of trouble, and don't wear any funny suits - people might get the wrong impression. Be well, be happy, my friend, hope you and yours have a stress-free day.

    And a very jolly-holy Xmas to you too Solomon. You've had a pretty good year, I think Sol, of which I'm happy for you.

  4. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Merry 2010th aniversary of the birth of Jesus the Christ everybody.

    You know it's impossible to buy an (aged) birthday card reading: Happy 2010th.

    Just as well for the APO charges a fortune to mail birthday cards to heaven these days.


  5. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Thanks Caz and a very Merry Xmas to you and loved ones.

    And same to Sol, Jacob, Father Park, Kath, Frank Zappa, Lao Tzu and Timothy Leary.

    Cheers j

    Oh, and you too Geoff - have a wonderful Festival of Lights, and remember your liver is the most resilient organ in the human body - just the way it should be.

  6. Solomon10:37 PM

    I'm not sure it was a good year but it was certainly interesting.

  7. It was interesting in mostly good ways Sol, and better than some years you've had ... count your blessings!