December 25, 2010

Christmas fun for the whole family!

When the food and the drink run out and family snipping threatens to ruin Christmas Day, not to mention ruining goodwill and peace on Earth, here's a game to unite and entertain all ages - Impact:  Earth!

Keep the family smiling and laughing all afternoon finding out the effect of different sized asteroids  hitting Earth.  Your can type in the size of hypothetical hit, the speed, angle of entry,  your location at the time of the blast, and even the type of rock (you want porous or density with that asteroid?). 

Depending on your data input, additional analysis will be available in pop up boxes, where the family can add terms such as "ejecta" to their daily vocabularly, without referencing to nasal spray technology, as in:

"At your position there is a fine dusting of ejecta with occasional larger fragments."

Have a great Christmas day!

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