November 26, 2010

Color consultant disappears in flash of ecru

Amy Wax, president of the International Association of Color Consultants North America, commenting on the US Department of Homeland Security’s intention of dropping the color-coded terrorism alert system, which stands at: red, orange, yellow, blue and green:
“… perhaps not surprisingly — colors could be an effective part of a warning system if tied to specific action. “How are we going to take those instructions and apply it to our lives?” she said. “Are we going to go to the airport, or not go to the airport?”
She said the agency’s use of “childish” primary colors like red, yellow and blue might have diluted the impact. “Purple, orange and magenta might create a sense of something that would get attention,” she said.”
Yeah, because whenever I think “magenta” I think - “To the airport, pronto!” -whether I need to fly anywhere or not.


  1. Solomon8:18 PM

    I like colors. Or as the French call them, colours.

  2. Yes, colors are good Sol; should be more of them.

    When blogging and/or quoting from American articles, one does as the Romans did: use American spelling.

    (Damn American hegemony! Damn it to hell! Halliburton too, while we're at it, but I'm not sure if they spell differently to anyone else.)