October 13, 2010

McDonald's - built to last

McDonald's Happy Meal:  still happy after 180 days.

Gives pause for thought.  All of it ominous.


  1. Food for the cockroaches post nuclear holocaust?

  2. And for the first humans to fly off to Mars, I would think. NASA can put the beef jerky away and pack boxes of Macca's instead.

    (Wonder if the salads ever wilt? Lettuce leaves that never lose their crisp & crunch?)

  3. She's an artist. That means she allowed to lie like a Green politician on speed so that she can reveal the inner truth about her subject while attempting to sate the personal attention needs of a dull three year old. If there's any money in it so much the better although not at all essential.

  4. Geoff - I gather she's not the first person to have tried this experiment (ie, not the first to have done it deliberately, as opposed to accidentally, via poor housekeeping or loss of food under a car seat).

    Taking a daily photo, of something, along with the "my year of <>" are not original ideas either.

    Not much of a money spinner in this less than arteestic effort.

    Maybe if some ants had come a-crawling, in a decorative manner ...

  5. Even ants won't eat it!

  6. Yeah I guess so. Come to think of it those chips do look like something I once found behind the TV six months after some friends had come to stay with their kids.

  7. I am seriously thinking of seeing how their "healthy choices" menu items stand up to this test now.

  8. Solomon9:30 PM

    Rancid burgers don't kill people. People kill people.

  9. Kae - you'd think they'd at least give it an inspection, on the off chance.

    Geoff - if you'd taken a pic, even you wouldn't have gotten more than $10,000 for it. Not a huge net income in the *Macca's indestructible tucker demonstration* line of work. The demand for repeat performances couldn't possible be very high. (It would seem that all of us only need buy one burger and one serve of fries, to last for life.)

    Princess - I'd bet entire dollars that the chicken in the chicken salad is indestructible, and could be painted and turned into nice jewelery after a year or so. The lettuce could be weaved into sturdy fruit baskets.

  10. Anonymous10:59 PM

    So what's the problem?

    If I were Ronnie I'd embrace the above:

    Burgers and Coke - a perfectly balanced family feast - our coke will rot your guts, but our burgers will preserve your rotten guts for eternity.

    And some people get paid heaps to cook up stuff like that.


  11. geoff3:28 PM

    What I want to know is that with that piece of uncovered meat how come the cats haven't done their job.

  12. Sol - true, true!

    Geoff - the story is still getting a run, and I'm pretty sure I glanced a pic in the paper today showing the indestructible meal with, yes - her cat sitting next to it.

    Apparently the cat didn't want the job.

  13. Solomon8:52 PM

    I saw a cat mew helplessly at the sky, as if to say to the birds: oh, if only I could fly!

  14. Nah. That would have been a wistful gazing at the moon and wishing it was a cow instead of a cat.

  15. Solomon9:06 PM

    Actually this was based on a true story, so, no.

  16. An unambitious cat.

    It happens.

  17. geoff9:16 PM

    Are you sure the cat wasn't in fact mooing at the sky after eating the hamburger? Not mewing. This is an early symptom of mad cow disease.

  18. Solomon9:35 PM

    Yeah, I left all those miraculous details out of the story the first time round because, hey, that's just the way I roll.