October 8, 2010

Duck Friday


  1. Solomon8:45 PM

    "As if the problems couldn't get worse for Commonwealth Games organisers, a stray dog evaded security and run amok inside the main athletics stadium on Saturday."

    Jesus, it's September 11 all over again.

  2. One hopes that next week will bring a stray duck, Solomon, running amok while the track events are underway.

  3. geoff7:46 AM

    At least the dog didn't run aduck.

  4. geoff3:07 PM

    Many years ago I goofed off from a meeting or something to catch my favourite afternoon TV program. Sophie Lee hosting The Bugs Bunny Show. She introduced a Daffy Duck cartoon by saying "now children, you must be very careful how you say this. It's called "Duck Amuck"."

    And it was. It was around about then I fell in love.

  5. Solomon6:35 PM

    I remember that show. Sophie Lee is a minx.

  6. I imagine that's what did it for Mick Molloy too, Geoff. Then the poor bugger blew it. Must pain him still.

    One husband and three(?) kiddies later, Sophie is still as cute as a button. Every now and then, she probably says "Duck Amuck" for hubby, but only after the little ones are in bed.