August 7, 2010

Fair Dinkum

Gillard is going backwards, backwards, backwards, not twirling, whirling forward, forward, forward.


  1. Solomon7:40 PM

    Blanche d'alpuget was at the Byron Bay Writer's festival today. She's scarier than the Exorcist. Then Bob Hawke showed up, oozing Reptilian charm. And Blanche just oozed Reptilian ooze.

    God I'm lonely. Thinking of going to the hostel bar and crying until a girl hugs me.

  2. Thinking of going to the hostel bar and crying until a girl hugs me.

    Well worth a shot, or several, Sol.

    Let us know how it works out.

    God speed! (Whatever the hell that means: I've never known.)

    Blanche just oozed Reptilian ooze

    And that is the perfect summation of the greatest love story ever to unfurl on this great brown land. The love story that Blanche insists we will all remember long after B&B are buried.

    We'll sure as shit remember the reptilian ooze.

  3. Hawke can't keep it in his pants, Gillard can't keep it in her cabinet, Rudd can't keep under control, and Latham had lost it even before he got it. Labor leadership woes summarised.

  4. geoff1:43 PM

    I know that hostel bar. The Aquarius in Lawson street right? Lots of unseemly crying going on in there.

  5. Solomon5:12 PM

    I chickened out. And right now the place is deserted.

    And yes, Blanche was horrible. My Mommy always told me there were no monsters, no real ones, but there are.

  6. Solomon7:44 PM

    No I'm in the Nomad hostel.

  7. I had to laugh today when I heard conference guests joking about this Simpsons line on conversations about Gillard.

  8. Solomon10:09 PM

    Saw a cute writer named Amy Barker. Man, I'd like to puff her magic dragon.

    Trouble, oh trouble set me free!

  9. Princess - don't suppose you explained to your guests that I beat them to it? (Well, actually Drunka did; he had the quote at the top of his blog for a couple of years - I knew I'd find a use for it some day ... I just had to be patient).

    Sol, sweetie, you really have to start doing something useful with that hard earned law degree. Get out there, earn some money and wine and dine some nice young ladies ... while you're still young!

  10. Solomon10:31 PM

    There are no ladies left in the world.

  11. Are you saying I'm not a lady?!

  12. Solomon10:44 PM

    I think you're one sexy Mother. Show me a picture of your anus.

  13. Ewwweeee!

    You're still resolving potty training iss-th-ues, right?

  14. Solomon11:03 PM

    No I just like them. Reow!

  15. Solomon6:18 PM

    Julia touched my special place!

  16. Your funny bone?

    Most people don't enjoy that.

  17. Solomon8:55 PM

    No my heart.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Love cuddles.

  18. Julia did that?

    I think she's overstepped the boundaries of campaigning.

  19. Solomon9:23 PM

    She can over-step my penis any time!

    remember the scene in Mulholland drive where she sings "crying" in Spanish?

    cryyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiining in spanish!

  20. Sol, I've seen Mulholland Drive three times: still have no idea what it was about; still one of the wankiest piles of shite films I've ever seen.

  21. Solomon9:56 PM

    I liked it. Jeez, loosen up, sex pants!

  22. Nah, hated it.

    This is the second film over which I've disagreed with someone today. The other one was Lost in Translation - guy at work mentioned he loved it; I foamed at the mouth at his poor taste.

  23. Solomon10:05 PM

    What? You're insane. Lost in translation is brilliant. Scarlet Johannson's pink panties! Mmmmmmm.

  24. Solomon10:06 PM

    Roger Ebert just added it to his great movies list. Do you know better than Roger Ebert?

  25. A couple of Bill Murray's scenes are quite brilliant; the rest is tosh.

    Apparently I do know better than Woger.

    I'm not one for being suckered into believing that excrement is art.

    Next you'll tell me that your thought Titanic was also a brilliant film.

  26. Solomon10:16 PM

    Titanic was okay. I mean the ship sinks and you got to see Kate Winslet's boobies.

    And you do NOT know better than Roger. Lost in translation was awesome.

  27. In what regard was it awesome?.

    (Kate's boobies appear in almost all of her films.)

  28. Solomon10:43 PM

    I don't know. It is bitter-sweet, funny, sad, sexy. There's Anna Faris hilariously Faris-ing it up. Bill Murray all melancholy and yet hilarious. Scarlet Johannson in her pink PANTIES. PINK, PANTIES. Sofia Coppolla with her photography. The final scene where you can't hear what is being said. The scene where the fire alarm brings them together again. The fact that they can't sleep. Pink PANTIES. The song by "jesus and mary chain" called "just like honey".

    Listen to the girl as she takes on half the world! God, it's like an orgasm on steroids. Go to hell, Philistine Jane!

  29. A film so ill conceived that even the script writers couldn't figure out what to end the pointlessness of it all, so they invented the whisper ... the last words of the film, which no one gets to hear.


  30. Solomon11:24 PM

    Oh you don't get it at all. From hell's heart, I stab at thee! For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!

  31. Solomon4:45 PM

    What next? I'll bet you hated "Juno", you harpie.

  32. Still haven't seen it Sol.

    Face it: America should not attempt films about nothing, in which nothing happens, to characters of no particular note, who have no script to speak of. They really should leave delivery of such cinematic projects to the Europeans.

    (Small tip: just because there are no words, no action, no story and no ending doesn't make it "art" --- and definitely doesn't make it four thumbs up.)

  33. Solomon8:29 PM

    Especially considering people only have TWO thumbs.

  34. Solomon9:09 PM

    You should at least watch this short, it's the best part.

  35. I'm not averse to seeing it Sol, just haven't seen it yet.

    Just because I'm not the target demographic doesn't mean I won't enjoy it.

    I gather it has a story, and acting, although I'm never fond of overt or covert tradition-based moralizing. Can't have everything in one's visual entertainments (or any medium, for that matter: they all let us down).

  36. Solomon11:14 PM

    I can't detect any overt or covert tradition-based moralising, so rest assured. I loved it. I saw it with some Christian anti-abortion friends and it made me laugh.

  37. Having some familiarity with the script, I'd say your Christian anti-abortion friends would have been delighted with the film. (You threw that in after your denial, without so much as a hint of blushing.)

  38. Solomon4:20 PM

    How do you know I wasn't blushing? Are you watching me all the time? That would explain the dead animal in my mailbox. Or the rose on my pillow. Kinda contradictory if you ask me.

    And yeah she decides to have the baby. What a right-wing Zionist monster that Diablo Cody must be.

  39. Zionist? Right wing?


    You're conflating a few too many political, cultural, ethnic and religious concepts there Sol.

    (Yeah, I know, you didn't blush at your conflation either, even when you were doing it!)

  40. Solomon7:29 PM

    Yeah it was a joke. Jeez, no wonder you don't get this movie.

    All babies want to get borned!

  41. You looked awfully serious when you typed the comment Sol.

  42. Solomon9:08 PM

    Hey! I know a movie you would like. It's called: kiss my ass.

  43. Only if it's one very, very, very fine arse.

  44. Solomon9:53 PM

    Fine as may wine, skankosaurus.

  45. Settle petal.

    Have just been teasing you.

    Bit mean without sign-posts to help. The limitations of the medium.

  46. Solomon10:47 PM

    Yeah well you made me cry, Mommy.

  47. Here ... use my blankey.