July 14, 2010

A tsunamis of wrongness

Even the experts get it wrong, which is, mostly, an unremarkable observation of the obvious.

Wrong, David Freedman's book, is right, the magnitude of the problem is much greater than in our worst case scenario imaginings.

The findings of two out of every three published medical studies fail to hold up.

When you consider that the truth claims of less highly-educated and credentialed experts - such as the inventor of the latest diet or management fad, or spruiker for yet another pending environmental disaster - are on average even less reliable, you start to realize we’re awash in untrustworthy advice, untrustworthy science.

The adage that "truth will out" is false.

There are thoughts and beliefs.

Movements, political policies, medicine, entire economies, and much more, are based, with impunity, on nothing more than our passing thoughts and beliefs.

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