July 5, 2010


The most popular Google "how to" enquiry from Australian users during the last three months was "how to have sex", followed by "how to kiss".

(Small tip people: worry about the kissing firstly, the sex secondarily ... it's a girl thing.)

But it's not all about how to keep warm and snugly in winter.

How to make paper planes, write a biography and solve Rubik's cube were also matters of priority for little Aussies.


  1. It certainly is a worry Caz, I mean who still plays with Rubik's cubes? There certainly are some weirdo's out there.

  2. I know, I know, Dan.

    Next they'll be wanting to know how to play with a hoola hoop.

    It could be worse.

    At least Aussies aren't searching for "what Kevin did next".

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    "how to have sex with a rubik's cube" gets 504,000 links.

    "how to kiss a rubik's cube" gets 5,230,000 links.

    It's comforting to know that the importance of Caz's small tip has not been lost on google.

    Disclosure: I have never had sex with a rubik's cube, believe you me, after kissing one, sex is the last thing you feel like - smarties, somehow came to mind.


  4. ... smarties, somehow came to mind

    Or S&M ... err, I mean M&Ms.

  5. How to have sex???

    Fuck no!!!

    Sheesh.. It ain't rocket science.

    Surely we ain't that dumb.. here down under ;)

  6. Solomon1:41 AM

    My niece was looking up "how to have sex".com. It seems to me a reasonable question. Perhaps sex ed isn't working.

  7. I suppose it also does no harm, even for the experienced, you know, just to make sure they've been doing it right, and to check whether new ways of having sex have been discovered.

    One should do quality assurance from time to time, as well as keeping abreast of human progress.

  8. One should do quality assurance from time to time...

    How interesting.

    Perhaps one should also conduct a risk assessment and then check to see if the act - and its environs - pass a Workcover audit.

    Certainly Material Data Safety Sheets should be provided on the various hormones, pheremones and fluids involved. Chemicals, chemicals.

    Perhaps PETA might concern thenselves with all those abused and murdered single celled creatures wontonly cast about like so much volcanic ejecta...

  9. You omitted the procurement process Father, with a sound probity framework ... one must always be mindful of probity.