July 17, 2010

Election 2010

"My fellow [Australians]. As a young [girl], I dreamed of being a baseball, but tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward, upward not forward,
and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom." - Kodos gives a speech, "Treehouse of Horror VII"

(Horror quote via the ever staunch and handy-dandy John.G.Martin -


  1. Solomon12:10 AM

    This made me laugh. God, I wish Julia Gulag wouldn't smile like that in her new ads. She reminds me of that guy at the end of Star Trek V that says: "Fine, if you won't give me a starship, then watch these puny things die!"

    And I see what you mean about rubber-faced Blanche.

    Now I'm dreaming about Mandy Devine. Yikes!

  2. Solomon5:16 PM


  3. Anonymous5:44 PM

    OK Sol you got the job mate - but please keep your tongue in your mouth.


    PS Blanche is not a real person, apparently she is a being from the planet Haz. I suppose it's only appropraite that one Haz being shacks up with another.

  4. At least you're not dreaming of Blanche, Sol. That would be truly disturbing. Although, if you're into rubber and leather, it would make a lot of sense.

    And I second Justin's appointment; ditto and likewise, keep your bodily fluids to yourself.

  5. Solomon9:33 PM

    But Julia was doing it! I saw her.

  6. Solomon9:55 PM

    I think I've discovered the greatest person in the history of science.


  7. Is she seriously wearing black lipstick?!

  8. Solomon11:05 PM

    Yes but watch "A color primer".


  9. Ooooh, that is even skankier Sol.

    Not a look I'm going to adopt any time soon.

    (Unless you think it will flatter me, of course.)

  10. Solomon10:22 PM

    She's not a skank! She's on my facebook page.

    And I'd do you if you wore black lipstick. It'd be all Morticia Adams.

  11. The very first piece of furniture I bought, in my teens, was a cane 'Morticia Adams' chair, Sol.

    (You do the maths ... )

    It has traveled with me everywhere, and continues to this day, in almost perfect condition, in my bedroom, draped in my various scarves and pashminas.

  12. Solomon10:31 PM

    Furniture + teens = SEX.

    What is a pashmina?

  13. Solomon10:57 PM

    Skank. You're a skank. You're Mother is a skank. Your grandmother is a skank! Your uber-grand-mo is a skank.

  14. I do wonder what the significance of the 'Julia in white' look is. Is it meant to make her look saintly and pure, and thus to act as a symbolic/image contrast to the nasty political events that made her PM? It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall with her conversations with Tim Mathieson (who seems like he might be the sort of chap who'd think quite a lot about deeply superficial and superficially deep matters like dress), he's presumably had something to say in the making of the 'new' Julia image.

    Personally I think the all-white makes her look like a country and western star who had a minor hit a decade ago, or a used car salesman. Very odd.

  15. According to Bridget Jones' Diary... stop laughing and hear me out!

    Anyway, according to Bridget Jones' Diary, 'pashmina' and 'pashmajor' denote different categories of love/sexual interest. I think a 'pashmina' is a person you are able to have a fling with on the side, a 'pashmajor' a more abiding love interest. (It's been too long since I read it, but there's probably a listing on urban dictionary to flesh out my account.)

  16. Yes, if that's the case, then I definitely have pashminas draped in my bedroom Timmy.

    Someone should have explained to Gillard that Jesus had lovely olive skin. Head to toe white, with Gillard's complexion, makes her look more washed out than messiah.

    "Furniture + teens = SEX"

    I'd never thought of that before Sol, but now that you mention it: whenever teenagers are gather together and there is furniture in close proximity, well, I guess there is a strong possibility that sex will result.

    Happens when they're near sand too, and cars, parks, stairwells, gymnasiums, theatres, trampolines, beach towels, kitchen utensils, fresh vegetables, buses, pizza shops, tennis balls, coffee cups, classrooms, and so on and so forth.

  17. Solomon8:02 PM

    Hmm, seems to me if East Timor has undertaken the same Refugee obligations we have, as Ms. Gillard suggests, then they ought to set up their own regional processing centre elsewhere.

    Might I suggest Johnston Atoll?

    Then of course Johnston Atoll will have to create its own regional processing centre, perhaps on Palmyra Atoll.

    "The atoll has been manned by a group of scientists, Nature Conservancy staff and volunteers, and Fish & Wildlife representatives (totaling between four and 20 in all) for the last several years."

    Sounds perfect to me!

  18. Weird things about the bipartisan obsession with the boooot-people:

    - about 300,000 immigrants, including refugees, are let in per annum

    - at current rates, about 3,000 boooot-people are turning up per annum

    - about 90% of boooot-people are eventually accepted as refugees and permitted to settle in Oz

    - that means we spend a few billion a year, not mention shedding untold tears of angst, to keep about 300 people out (invasion! invasion! invasion!)

    - the world is already dotted with 'processing centres': they're called refugee camps, and boooot-people and border-crossing people often stay at these camps for umpteen years before being offered a home in a new country

    - the boooot-people have no effect on my life, well being or the price of groceries.

    //end mild, laid-back, not at all mad as hell, boooot-people rant