June 21, 2010

Not creepy, charming & flirty

Former CEO of Penguin Canada, David Davidar, lost his job earlier this month for having a "consensual flirtatious" relationship, over a period of years with his female colleague, who is suing Penguin for half a million dollars. Davidar is "Indian-born", which is an awfully important point. I know this because every article mentions the fact of his place of birth.

Meanwhile, down-under, we are witness to the harsh treatment, the gross over-reaction to David Jones former CEO, Mark McInnes, going in for a grope and a pash with one of the DJs marketing ladies.

McInnes has been described by one and all as charming, flirtatious, appreciative of the female form, funny, charismatic and fond of beauty.

I have no idea where he was born, but McInnes is so seriously fabulous that, allegedly, many young women working in DJs were not at all offended by his advances, gleefully having sex with him in exchange for Louis Vuitton handbags and other sundry gifts.

And who wouldn't?

What a great guy!


That's not the half of it!

Appreciates the female form!

But the official story is that his school-boy grope and pash attempt was a one-off.

Never happened before.


Well, all except the first time he went for the grope of the same young women a couple weeks prior to the second time he gave it a shot.

His failing, his great disgrace, was nothing more or less than the embarrassing problem encountered by all rich and powerful men from time to time.

As stated by a friend of the former CEO: "He totally misread her signals and he realizes that is no excuse, he gets that".

His pregnant girlfriend must be so relieved that it was just a matter of poor communications.

The partner of the women who was groped must also feel less violent about the whole thing, quite sanguine, I'm sure.

Hell's bells, any guy can, and does, misread signals.

As one journalist so helpfully positioned the situation: McInnes succumbed to temptation.

I assume he succumbed much in the manner that one succumbs to massive injuries received in a car accident. The best medical help available couldn't possibly have saved him.

In further defense of McInnes, an industry source said: "He was always quite well known for being one to like the models. Not a creep, but certainly was fond of a beauty."

As are we all, and none of us are creepy either.

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  1. Good piece Caz. I enjoyed it immensely

    Here is a letter from a former (global) company employee published in today's Oz

    THERE'S nothing new or surprising about the fiasco at David Jones ("David Jones denies it has blokey culture", 21/6). I've worked for a number of global companies and they were all the same.
    Forty years ago, in one such company, the secretarial staff on the executive floor were chosen specifically for their pulchritude rather than their shorthand skills. The CEO propositioned every one of them and eventually had to leave when one of those women fell pregnant. As we have now seen, even the best anti-harassment policies won't get in the way of human nature.

    Mike Phillips, Wollstonecraft, NSW

  2. Solomon2:02 PM

    Hey leave him alone! He's a pants-man.

  3. Yep, can't knock a man for liking nice pants Sol.