May 5, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom

There is no such thing as "fun for the whole family".

Jerry Seinfeld


  1. Lol! And don't I KNOW IT!

  2. So, just what constitutes a "whole" family? Is this akin to, or different from, a "working" family? Perhaps even a "nooklear" family? Which family has fun when and on what terms? Do these similar or disparate families need to visit centrelink to claim their "Family Fun Benefit" part A or B? What if they underestimate the fun they have in the year and then find themselves in "fun debt" to Centrelink??

    There's an entire election policy in delivering fun for families - be they whole, working, nooklear or otherwise undefined.

  3. I'd plumb for "the working family", Father.

    After all, it's an election year, which means there is suddenly no other demographic known to humankind.

  4. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Of course there is fun for the whole family - it's just that they all doing fun separately.

    Mum is out shopping with an unlimted credit card.
    Dad is at the pub.
    Young Jack is out with his mates getting shit faced.
    Jill is out with her boyfriend doing what comes naturally.
    Tom the cat is screwing the persian next door.

    Now if that isn't fun for everyone then what is.


  5. That's the well known family game of "scatter to the four winds" Justin.