May 7, 2010

Huge-er claims

Tony Abbott, he who would be Prime Minister, has been dreaming up his own humongous claims about 'boat people":
''We can't be confident that the numbers would stay at the few thousand a year who have arrived since the Rudd government ...

''If global conditions worsened, millions might be at least tempted to swap their current existence for the opportunities of a new life in Australia if they thought the perils of the boat trip would win them permanent residency.''

Millions. That's. Right. Millions.

We can only hope and dream that the man with a pair of Speedos for every occasion and a mind as rational as an equation shall one day be king.


  1. Looks good in a pair of cockie smugglers though ;)

    I like to think big!!

  2. I've seen him in those smugglers Kath.

    Nothing big going on there. Nothing. Tee wee.

  3. So what would the female pollie equivalent of a budgie smuggler be?

    Joan Kirner in a bikini??!!

  4. Nooooo.

    Leave poor old Joan alone. Gosh, wasn't that an age ago? Was not even living here in the polka dot era (which was a myth, since she never owned a polka dot dress, apparently.)

    Gillard in a leotard and a princess hairband.

  5. Barrie Unsworth's bitten the dust again... this time in England. Not wearing his red brick cardigan didn't help.

  6. Solomon2:53 PM

    I think Nicola Roxon is cute. I once wrote to tell her she was cuter than Julia Gillard but no response. I'd like to see her in a naughty schoolgirl skirt. Or red panties.

  7. Craig W6:58 PM

    For the life of me, I cannot imagine why you did not get a response Solomon. Interesting to see the recent opinion polls and the responses to them. If the unthinkable happens and we have a one term government, sites such as Poll Bludger will be very amusing reading

  8. Solomon7:20 PM

    I got a response from Julia Gillard once, after I sent an email about my relationship problems. All she said wa "Thanks for all that Solomon!". Oh and she said she couldn't give me Mark Latham's private email address.

  9. Solomon7:28 PM

    Actually reading over it the email wasn't about relationship problems but gave a weird analysis of Gillard herself.

    I hope Kevin Rudd loses and yet the opposition is no opposition at all. Federal politics is starting to resemble NSW politics. Laugh about it, shout about it, when you've got to choose: every way you look at it you lose.

  10. Craig W, how the hell are ya? Hope you and the family are well..

    Seen any fruit bats lately... ha!

  11. If Rudd loses, he will have only himself to blame.
    Ah... if only Costello had been made of sterner stuff.

    He'd have made mince meat of Rudd by now..

  12. Craig W7:41 AM

    G'day Kathy, the family and myself are all well - daughter turns 20 this year and son turns 18. it all goes so quickly doesnt it? Will be married 26 years in November, which really does my head in!
    I lost interest in blogging a couple of years back to be honest. The demise of the Howard goverment seemed to bring on a period where sites like Webdiary could not adjust to changed circumstances. They appeared to be quite incapable of making critical comment of the new status quo. With hindsight, it seems that more were concerned in 2007 with getting rid of Howard than looking for a truly viable alternative. I think it is quite fair to say that the current lot have not performed very well at all. They have wasted vast amounts of money, with precious little to show for the outlay.
    In addition, I grew tired of the nasty nature of some of the commentary, I like poking fun at people but dont particularly wish any ill will on them. I get the feeling that with some of them (Craig Rowley for eg) that wasnt reciprocated.
    I had a look at good old Damo's site the other day and also "lucky Phil" Damo is still predicting the invasion of Iran by Israel - as he has for at least 5 years. Good old Phil is still railing against the USA and well, everything. Ernest Graham seems to have dropped of the radar (perhaps advancing years have taken their toll)
    Daniel is still talking about loving everybody, except the jews of course.
    It is nice to know that in a world of change somethings do stay the same.
    You may be right about Costello making mince meat of Rudd. Not sure that it is a matter of being made of sterner stuff though. I suspect that Peter Costello was simply burnt out and tired of politics. The time on the back bench may have been an attempt to recharge, followed by the realisation that his heart was not in it anymore.
    If Tony Abbott can resist the urge to answer questions about religion and stick to straight politics I think he will make life very hard for Rudd. After the holiday thaat he has had, it is nice to see that some of his fan club are finally questioning him. It is just a great shame that none of them thought to get him to explain a bit of detail on some of his policies a little earlier.

    regards to all,